Haunted Home
Case #59/Plantation FL,  Home  July - October - 2012
Investigators involved in the case:  Laila K, Rita Adams, Marlene Pardo (pscyhic) & Morgana Starr (medium/psychic)

The scientific investigation took place on Saturday July 7, 2012 by Laila (point) and Rita. The client’s name is Pam (53) and she lives in a two-story duplex type house with 7 attached units (built in 1989) in a development called The Vineyards of Plantation along with her boyfriend Chris (40). Pam told us she is sensitive and there has been activity happening in her house ever since 2000 when she moved in. Her daughter, who was 16 at the time, is also sensitive and noticed the cat was acting like she was looking at things and hissing.    The last 2 years have been the most active and all the activity is happening on the second floor. Currently Pam has several dogs and cats but only one dog reacts to the things happening by backing up and barking. In 2010 Pam's neighbor was having cancer surgery at the same time (3 pm) as Pam saw an apparition of a lady in a bathrobe with shoulder length dark hair in her upstairs guest bedroom doorway. Another time she felt cold spots behind her and when she asked it to move to her front, it did.

Since her ex-boyfriend’s severe motorcycle accident her bathroom lights go on and off every time right before he comes back into her life. She has had an electrician check her wiring and everything is fine. Things go missing and she searches the same places over and over only to go back and find it in the place she had searched thoroughly. Clothes in her closet got thrown all over the floor (see picture), shoes went flying off the shelf even after she put no slip pads on the bottom of the shoes. One time the TV was off (master bedroom?) but she saw a very mean scary face of white man who looked like a killer. Just a few days ago Chris was sleeping on the upstairs computer room couch at night when he felt body heat like someone was hovering over/smothering him. He turned around and no one was there. Pam gave us pictures she had taken of several orbs in her house.   Several things have happened before she moved to this house also. Pam told us her sister Sheryl died when Pam was 10 years old in 1969. Pam herself died by suffocation during surgery in 1992, but was brought back to life and stated that after this she has been much more sensitive to things happening. She picks up on other people’s feelings. In 1999 her dad died and during the night it happened Pam had a dream where she said goodbye to him. She also has had warning dreams such as her dad, aunt, grandmother and stepmom telling her that something was going to happen to her daughter. The next night her daughter got T-boned in her car but did not have any injuries or bruises.

In 1987 her ex-husband (age 27) died one night by getting T-boned in his car. A few months later Pam (27) saw a bright light and an old man with long beard at the end of her bed. The same night her daughter (3) saw a man in her bedroom.   Pam felt like it was an older “grandmother” lady that was in her house. She said that Indians lived in this area years ago and her neighbor had a lot of activity too: cabinets and doors open and shut and lights go on and off.    On Tuesday July 17, 2012, the spiritual investigation was held by psychic Marlene. Almost immediately she stated that the area between the downstairs dining room and kitchen, and upstairs hallway stood out. She asked Pam if she had seen anything in the upstairs hallway, which is right by the doorway to her guest bedroom where the apparition had been. Marlene said she got a feeling of being short of breath (difficulty swallowing or breathing) and Pam stated she had been in the hospital due to severe reaction to mold in the house. Later, Marlene realized this meant the suffucation Pam had when she died. Marlene said this spirit is a friendly lady, non-modern in covered-up clothing, who wants to be acknowledged and has a lot to say. This entity is solid enough to cast a shadow, is trapped on this plane, and has been with Pam from before she moved into this house. Marlene also stated that before she left her house this evening, a light blond haired man in his mid-thirties who looked even younger came to her very upset and crying and wanted to apologize to Pam and tell her that he was gay. Marlene said something that happened in Pam’s childhood between ages 1-10 made her sensitive.

Pam said her sister was sick with leukemia for 2 years before dying when Pam was 10. Marlene said Pam has had anxiety in her life but has learned to handle it. Marlene said the spirit attached to Pam at a time when Pam’s aura was open (during physical or emotional trauma) because she was the opposite of her (quiet, careful, insecure) and felt safe with Pam. This spirit was ready to go. Marlene noticed the southwestern décor in Pam’s house and said the salamander, which could mean transformation, had significance to the spirit.    Marlene put Pam under hypnosis and she could see a young, pretty, skinny, scared girl with dark hair and clothes from the 1950’s who wanted someone to love her. Pam could recognize her spirit. She has been with Pam since Pam was 10 in the hospital (when her sister died). This girl was 7 when she died from water on the brain and born in 1962. Pam remembered seeing her in the hallway of the hospital and she had no hair. Now she was ready to cross over to be with her family who loves her. Marlene asked if any other spirits are around Pam. Her sister Sheryl was behind her. She came only a few years ago to comfort Pam when she was scared. Marlene asked helpers and family members meet the 7-year old girl and Sheryl and help them cross over. Pam could not see any other spirits so Marlene called upon the lady upstairs who was reluctant to leave and go to the light. She spent her life being afraid and without love and acceptance. The lady came forward and apologized to Pam for having to leave and then left with an older man with handle-bar mustache and a lot of white hair. No other spirits came forward. After Pam came out of hypnosis Marlene and Pam came to the conclusion that the blond man that had come to Marlene in her house was Pam’s ex-husband who was abusive and had intolerant parents who would have never accepted him being gay.

Marlene stated that Pam needs to envision physically cutting off the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, which is related to the lights going on and off, since he is not good for her. Also, Marlene concluded that the lady spirit got attached to Pam through the Indian heads (see picture) she had bought in Tennessee in the 1990’s.    In the following days, Pam found out that her great aunt had died from water on the brain in the 1930's when she was between 16-18 years old. She had shoulder length dark hair.


*  The home remained calmer for appx two weeks until activity began up again.  The original spiritual intervention investigator was unable to do the follow up investigation.  Morgana Starr (FPRF psychic-medium) accomplished the follow up.  The report on that investigation is below.

Residential Investigations
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Morgana contacted the resident of the home.  The first thing she picked up was a swirling of angry energy that was associated with the resident, not the house. It was an angry male spirit that was yelling at her wanting to know what happened to the child. As soon as Morgana communicated this to the resident, she said she knew this was her ex-husband.

The spirit was very angry and hostile. Morgana asked if the resident had smudged with sage recently as sometimes that makes the spirits more angry. They will disappear for a couple of weeks and return more angry than before, since they felt disrespcted having had smoke in their faces and not listened to.

This spirit was very angry as he yelled out that he just wanted to be heard. Morgana asked the angels to comfort him, so she could get a clearer message from him.

He said he wanted to make sure his 'baby' was okay. His ex-wife (the resident) said he died in a car wreck and had been very angry previously. His daughter was 3 at the time...this was over 17 years ago. His energy had been caught between worlds as he was very angry still.

He was mostly angry that he was no longer here to be with his little girl. He wanted his ex-wife to know he was very sorry that he had treated her badly when he was here. She told him that she had already forgiven him.

Morgana told the resident that when she had communicated her forgiveness to him, his anger dissipated somewhat. He still was worried about his 'baby' girl. Morgana explained that even though the daughter was now a young adult, he still thought of her as his baby, since she was 3 when he died. He wanted to be there for her.

Morgana explained to the spirit that when he went to the light his Gran (grandma) who was there waiting for him would help him get special gifts he could use to help his little girl. He would have the chance to help her more if he went to the Light first.

The resident assured her ex-husband that she would watch after the daughter until he was able to come back. His Gran encouraged him to come to the Light with her. As he left to the Light, Morgana encouraged the resident to remind him that she forgave him and wanted him to be happy.

The energy shifted and he went to the Light. The resident said she felt a difference too.

* The owner has not reported any other incidence since the follow up investigation.  The area/science of spirit communication has now become and interest to the client and she is now pursuing education into this realm (info).         

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