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Is the scientific study of unusual events associated with the human experience.  It is related to the psychology field in that it deals primarily with the mind-body relationship and the role it plays in interacting with, or causing the unusual event.   Studied extensively in the field are the psychic abilities of individuals to primarily help determine the role individuals play in events through the use of Psychokinesis (PK) and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).  They also can explore into the possibilities of survival of the soul after death by studying and interviewing individuals who claim to have had visions during Near Death Experiences (NDE).  
Is the primary focus of parapsychologist when investigating a haunting.  PK is the apparent ability of individuals to influence the environment by intention alone, to include the actual movement of objects with just the mind, levitations, manifestations or appearance of objects, rapping's, sounds, table tippings and musical instruments that may not be present.  It is a nonphysical force of mind over matter. Scientific Research indicates so far that while individuals do seem to have this ability, psychokinesis is not connected to any physical process of the brain that can be measured.  Exactly how it works to them is remains a scientific enigma.  Their studies have shown that Psychokinesis can occur spontaneously or be created deliberately which indicate to many researchers in this field that  PK is both a conscious and unconscious phenomena.   Many parapsychologist believe that PK is the primary agent in most poltergeist type hauntings of permanent residences.  Many in the parapsychology field believe that "You don't have haunted residences, you have haunted people".  Indicating that a living person is usually the conscious or subconscious agent of the events. This does not seem to be however the case where unseen apparitions in public dwellings seem to control the phenomena, such as doors that open and close, lights turning off and on, or unexplained ghostly sounds.  Parapsychologist do not typically call orbs, vortex's, sounds, smells or even apparitions - ghosts.  They are typically called 'unexplained phenomena or events'.  Ghost Hunters and Parapsychologist often find themselves at odds when dealing with investigations.  Parapsychologists often claim typical ghost hunting group investigations are flawed because instead of investigating 'events' to determine their root causes, ghost hunters (believing in ghosts) will go into investigations already believing the phenomena is a ghost and are simply seeking any anomalies in data to back their beliefs.   If there is a true unexplainable paranormal phenomena/event taking place they will both find it, record its readings and if at all possible, capture it on film.
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