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Paul Alexander


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I’m old enough to know better and young enough to try anyway.  I’m married with two grown married daughters and two grand daughters. My wife and I live in Brevard County, while she works in real estate and I run my business. From the time I was seven or so, I have been involved with “ESP” and “parapsychology events”. From the early days of telling my mom who was calling on the phone before she answered (to me it “rang” differently for each) , to my middle school and early high school years and my first experience of an “OBE”; dreams, obe’s, visions, and just ‘knowing’ have been a part of my daily life. I have a library of hundreds of books, either read completely or for special parts, and have worked on police cases and sometimes just helped someone find a pair of glasses. I have had friends who understood and others who avoided me for the same reasons. Today, I am content to help others understand what is happening and also to get surprised myself by the same. Seeing a ‘vision’ or ‘hearing’ a voice or ‘just knowing’, still require that the information be passed through the filters of our own personal experiences without changes! As a Spiritualist (my preferred religious views), we listen to, and speak with spirits through our ‘guides’, loved ones, guardian angels and the ‘visitors’, who ask a message be given to someone else. We are all ‘Spirits’ with just a variation in vibrational frequencies. Be at peace, know you are loved and are part of a loving ‘infinite spirit-god’.  Namaste!
Paul Alexander

Personal Web Page:  www.spirit-chapel.org