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   The more I study physics,
   the more I am drawn to metaphysics.
~ Albert Einstein
..This is an interesting area of study (or should be) for both parapsychologist who believe that the human mind is the pathway to 'paranormal events' and to the ghost hunter who is seeking to discover and understand further the nature of  human souls and life after death.  Numerous paranormal organizations frown upon the use of mediums or psychics, claiming there is no proof and stating scientific verification is not possible.  While there are many frauds in the world that claim these abilities for fast money, FPRF has investigated many such individuals and spiritual organizations where their claims and demonstrations of stated abilities are undeniable.  Here at FPRF the claimed abilities of these individuals is but another avenue in which to explore the paranormal world.  Abilities are tested.  If a medium or psychic claims there is an 'entity' in a given location...it can be verified through use of digital photography, electromagnetic field detectors and sometimes picked up on EVP.  Even if a parapsychologist were to say "the orb in the picture was created by the mind of the medium", this creation in itself is a paranormal event.  Many old religions and cultures speak of the ability to create thought forms and of  abilities of Shamans or prophets to speak to those beyond the hidden veil.  These are areas which deserve further research as well.  If a medium states an entity says something about its past, the statement can also be researched, tracked and verified.  It is amazing how many groups/organizations on one hand will deny the validity of individuals who supposedly have paranormal abilities, yet at the same time will seek ways to improve their own ability to become more sensitive or clairvoyant.  These same groups will state the use of paranormal tools like ouija and pendulums are to be discouraged because these tools may attract 'unknown' spirits, then they will turn around and utilize strobe lights because they believe these items will attract spirits (unknown types also) and they will then attempt to capture their picture, their 'trophy'.   No communication is ever attempted, just obtaining their pictures or 'trophies' are all that matter.  This makes no sense.  If you wish to attract and document spirits or entities, why not utilize tools that are designed specifically to make contact and summon the entities.  Simply put,...if you want to attract ducks, use a duck call.  Use tools that have been  specifically created for the purpose of contacting spirits throughout the ages.  Mediums and psychics have abilities that were spoken of in ancient history and are still tested by modern nations.  Competent and proven mediums and psychics are employed by law enforcement agencies as well as national leaders for their abilities.  How can we in the paranormal investigative field be so sure and confident that we know all truths thus ruling out these possible sources of paranormal information?  Abilities used in conjunction with modern scientific tools can help us to better understand the unseen world around us?  Below are some terms and definitions commonly used when referring to paranormal abilities of mediums and psychics:
Mediums:  While Mediums have some psychic abilities, their particular talents lie in their ability to safely allow other entities temporary access to their bodies.  The term for this is called Channeling,  to allow a spirit or ghost to "posses" or use a person or thing to communicate.  Channeling is typically done through use of Mediums.   Most Mediums claim they are protected by trusted spirit guardians who insure that entering entities do not over stay their welcome.  Mediums who channel often do not remember conversations during the events.  Remarkable information however is typically given to the receiver of the message from the alleged ghost or entity who is temporarily using the mediums body.  Information is typically the type that only the entity involved and the recipient of the message would know.

Psychics:  Someone who by consciousness of a "spirit guide" who acts as a go between or by there own clairvoyance claim the ability to communicate with spirits to obtain information that would otherwise be unknown to them.

Sensitives:  Similar to psychics, those who are sensitive do not claim the ability to communicate but rather the ability to "sense" the presence of spirits and ghosts.
Empaths:  The dictionary definition of empathy is the identification with or sharing of another's feelings, situation, or attitudes. Empaths in the metaphysical world have the unusual ability to actually feel emotions as if it were there own.  It is theorized that emotions subtly change individuals aura's or energy barriers around their bodies.  Empaths have the ability to 'tap' into the aura field and subsequently, can feel what others are experiencing at the moment.

Automatic Writing:   The act of a person using a writing instrument like a Ouija Board. Sometimes used blindfolded and sometimes not the person let's a force guide their hand to "write out" a message. Automatic writing is said to be using the "living human" to channel the spirit and allow them to communicate.  This appears to be a form of 'limited' channeling.  Automatic writers usually lose their abilities to control their hand when an entity controls it.  Information is received similarly by practitioners who utilize Ouija Boards.

OUIJA BOARDS:  - See 'Séance Rituals' and 'Paranormal Investigative Tools'.
A close personal friend of mine who goes by the name of  'Inanna,' provided much insight into the world of mediums and psychics.  She knows me by the name of 'Searcher'.  Inanna is an old friend who taught me how to protect myself when I had encountered a troublesome, persistent dark entity.  When everyone else's advice failed (main stream religions as well as ghost hunting groups), hers worked.  She is for lack of a better phrase... FPRF original 'teacher'.  For an in-depth view of this world from a Wiccan who is also a psychic, please click the picture - enjoy the read!