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~ Séance Rituals ~     

The practice of calling forth; spirits, ghosts, guardians, guides as well as angels/demons by means of carefully formulated procedure or ceremony designed to open pathways to unseen dimensions in order to make contact with entities residing in those realms. Methods can be as simple as meditation, or may  also include the use of divination tools designed to contact unseen entities such as; ouija boards, pendulums and tarot cards to name a few.  Ceremonial rituals involving séance take many different forms, all primarily acted out to aid the participant's to focus on the task at hand.  Often included are variant types of meditations mixed with tools, candles, incense and/or chants. Many of them described can be found in the grimoires, especially the Grand Grimoire, which contains probably the earliest printed account of the manufacture of pacts with spirit entities. Also known as conjuring, the art is known to create genuine magic.  The art supposedly dates back to events that are said to have occurred 4500 years ago in Egypt, during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu (popularly known as Cheops), most likely the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  There is no one specific method as most methods seem to work.  The key element involved behind all of them is focusing the state of mind of the participant(s) to allow contact to be made.  Its practitioners throughout history are known by many names whether they work individually or in groups.  Modern day groups still practice séance rituals (or conjuring).  Spiritualists religions in modern day society would fall into this group category as would various forms of Goddess/Wicca groups that involve conjuring ceremonies in their respective covens.  Indian Shamanism and Christian religions that focus on summoning the 'holy sprit' to induce the phenomenon of 'talking in tongues', would also be included. Paranormal study groups have been known to evolve around séance type rituals.   An author by the name of Chelsea Ann Yarbro wrote about such a group that made contact with an entity and detailed her experiences in a book simply named - Messages from Michael.  Another author by the name of Jane Roberts regularly called forth an entity named Seth.  Both alleged spirits communicated revealing aspects of our reality and have created followings based on their messages.  Neale Donald Walsch utilized the technique of automatic writing to make contact with a very interesting entity with very profound insight.  His experiences and discussions can by found in a book written by him called, Conversations with God.  
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artist rendering of how spirits use Ouija boards
camera's capturing of an anomalous energy pattern hovering over a Ouija board after it began 'moving'