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St. Francis Inn
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   The St. Francis Inn is the oldest bed & breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida.  St. Augustine's oldest inn, dating from 1791, St. Francis Inn presents uniquely individual rooms and suites. .It is rumored that a owner of the Inn had a nephew who was a soldier. The young man fell in love with one of his uncle's servants named Lilly. The two lovers would meet up in the attic (now the 3rd floor) for their secret rendezvous.  The owner discovered their secret and forbade his nephew from ever seeing the servant again, it is not clear what happened to Lilly but legend has it that she 'vanished'.  The heart broken nephew was wrought with grief and committed suicide on the third floor where they once had their romantic interludes.  It is said their spirits now roam the upstairs of the Inn. One of the rooms on the third floor, Room 3A is named "Lilly's Room", and several people have reported strange occurrences within the room.  If you plan a trip to the St. Francis Inn, reservations well in advance are recommended as it is a very popular destination.  Be sure to bring your camera for late night pictures.  Several FPRF members have stayed in the room and have all reported VERY strange occurrences such as; cold spots, hot spots, unseen hands touching them as well as footsteps being heard walking through the room while they were trying to sleep.  Located in the historical district it is a location well worth the effort.  For more information click on the following link:  http://stfrancisinn.com/