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Tim Tedana   


Life time student of various religious doctrines including actual histories behind most of the great religions. Personal belief system has led me to a mixture of spiritual concepts (original Buddha teachings, Taoism) coupled with pagan beliefs. I give credence to all original religions (before being distorted for man's political agenda's) as having a universal thread of the one original truth that runs through them and that all paths will lead to the eventual same reality. Presently studying aspects of Wicca, Quantum Physics and Spiritualism.  Open minded to all religious doctrines (...many rivers, one ocean).    I differ on adopting the very narrow views of many closed minded investigators in this field.   I, like several others don’t believe there is such a thing as an ultimate expert in the field of paranormal investigations only decent theorists.  That includes myself.  There is a fascinating unseen realm that exists all around us, and its all part of our natural universe.   Imperceptible energies surround us, billions of photons, neutrinos along with an infinite virtual amount of invisible energy particles moving constantly like frenzied phantoms in what would appear to be 'an empty void' to the human eye.  Simply because our senses are too primitive to perceive them, does not mean they do not exist.   Men, have often sought to control and limit the human sprit from understanding its own nature since the dark ages.  We are often told 'questioning itself is evil, don't question' or if 'you even think of this, you will be damned'.   Do not inquire deeply, just go along with the status Quo on accepted belief systems.  All simple attempts by established institutions to control 'behavior' through fear.  By controlling thoughts and beliefs,  one controls behavior.  One allows old dogma and institutional organizations to control and limit thought processes.  Within each of us is a spark of the original Divine Spirit, we are meant to grow in knowledge of not just the physical sciences of which we have excelled, but also that which  constitutes what we are; embodied spirits, energy.  We have grown so much  in our knowledge of sciences, but not in our spiritual awareness.  In that aspect, we are still living in a Medieval Dark Age consciousness with attitudes to match.   Its always 'us' against 'them', evil versus good.  Our God against there false God.  Throughout history man has taken to the battlefields to kill each other in Gods name, as if that is what she/he wants, and needs us to do it for her/him.  Unfortunately, instead of bringing mankind together, many major theological institutions seem at their core as if they were created to keep us in eternal conflict.  I choose spiritual studies because that is an area were we have not evolved at all.  We in  FPRF have encountered  "Dark Entities" that exhibited great compassion, and some "Light Entities" who have revealed a slightly cold callousness to  tragic conditions that occur because of their view; that our lives are temporary and these tragic occurrences are simply paths we were meant to walk.  Perhaps contrary to what has been taught, there is no simple, black and white, 'them' versus 'us'.  In my encounters, I find that there is simply 'us' in many different phases.  Like the Ying and Yang symbol, simply two sides of  the same coin.  There are scores of questions still unanswered - but we now know; the world is not flat, the Universe does not orbit around the earth, and there are many unseen frontiers yet to be discovered.  Let us explore these last frontiers together..
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Tim Tedana  

FPRF Investigation Coordinator/Webmaster

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Sat -22 April 2006