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Dianne Frazier-FPRF Psychic
FPRF had been contacted by a newspaper reporter from Leesburg, FL asking us if we would do an investigation of an old cemetery located just on the outskirts of Umatilla, FL while she and her photographer shadowed us.  Our Director, (Tim) wanted this to be more of a demonstration for the reporter on what we do as a team collectively, than an official investigation.  Typically we avoid having science investigations take place with spiritual investigations (i.e. psychic members) for fear of compromising either teams findings.  But since this was more of a demonstration, we were allowed to simply display our tools of the trade - both science and psychics for her.  I did a remote psychic connection before going to Umatilla and was told by the lady in white - to look for the grave with the sheep.  As we walked through the peaceful cemetery, we were drawn to a oddly decorated-made by hand-stone on a grave.  Feeling a child's presence, we spoke to her -asking for her to interact with our equipment.  In response to this she first lowered the temperature then raised it by 2 degrees.  This also set off the EMF detector after we prompted her to change the temperatures in both directions (which she did).  Witnessing this first hand caused the female  reporter to share in the excitement that is actually quite fun for even experienced paranormal researchers (who take such events as common)!  We later moved to another area; being pulled by an one of our empathetic team members, to two graves with sheep/lambs. It was at that moment that the "Lady in White" showed me how she watches over the many children that are there, and that they are loved!  We were then drawn to another area where I received the message" I died in a fire!"  Immediately I smelled wood burning as did two science members-one of which felt it hard to breathe-then it dissipated!  Our team was able to capture a few orbs in pictures before the reporter, one of which seems to show (* after running the photo thru various filters) the lady in white in the center.   It was a successful and adventurous night for all, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many talented FPRF team members!
Gail Works-FPRF Psychic
The drive to Umatilla was lovely, almost magical, a trip back in time…a time before superhighways and housing developments, a time when the world moved a bit slower.  As we traveled west, we witnessed a most awesome sunset, made all the more beautiful by the residual smoke from a controlled burn in Ocala National Forest.  The evening was off to a splendid start.
We arrived in the tiny hamlet of Umatilla, parked next to Stanna’s Restaurant, got out of our cars to greet our fellow investigators, and went in to the restaurant in hopes of using their “facilities.”  Before we went in, though, three of us looked up in unison. transfixed, at a window on the third floor.  “Take a picture,” said Tracy, and I did.  We had sensed someone, but my camera captured nothing.  Stanna filled us in when we walked to meet her in the back of the restaurant.  “Have you come to see about Elizabeth?” she asked us.  “No,” I replied.  “We were actually wondering if we could use your restrooms…but we definitely want to know about Elizabeth when we return!”  Turns out Elizabeth hanged herself back at the beginning of the 20th century after a bad marriage, and has never left the building that was her home. She had taken her own life in the very room that had caught the attention of myself, Tracy, and Dianne when we first arrived.   Stanna had many stories to tell, and we listened with interest and enthusiasm.  I told her we had another investigation that night, but that I thought some of us might be interested in a return visit in the near future.
We convoyed to our destination, and arrived at Umatilla Cemetery just as darkness was falling.  My first glimpse of the cemetery was simply enchanting; however, it was the older portion across the street that beckoned.  As I got out of the car, I greeted the spirits, explaining the purpose of our visit and inviting the spirits to travel with us as we toured the cemetery.  I encouraged them to speak and make their presence known, as we were there to prove the existence of life after death.
The cemetery was lovely and peaceful, but there were definitely spirits who wished to communicate.  Dianne called me over to a unique grave site and asked me to work with her to speak with the spirit of a young girl who was there.  We felt she was somewhere between 13 and 15 when she passed.  I felt her very close to me, and was extremely chilled.   I heard “St….” and felt that she was called Stacy.  Dianne encouraged the girl to make the temperature rise on the thermometer that Harry held, and she did…for a few moments.  Then the temperature began to drop, and I could not help but laugh.  I have a teenaged daughter at home and know well how contrary teens can be.  So I spoke aloud and told her to make it colder if she wanted, that we were okay with whatever she chose to do.  And she did it!  After a while, though, I could feel her behind me, almost as if she were hiding, so we told her to rest and we would visit again later in the evening.
We traveled around, and at one point, near an ornate raised mausoleum, and was overcome with such sadness that I began to sob.  I felt a woman’s presence and asked her why she was so sad.  Her energy moved away from me, and the sadness along with it, but I was left without an answer.
I was drawn to a lovely grave with a wind chime that tinkled gently in the dark.  I noted as I drew closer that the wind was not blowing at the time, and when I got even closer, I realized that someone was trying to communicate --an adult male, rather quiet by nature, but seeming to enjoy the opportunity to make his presence known.  I asked him if he would like to speak with me, and again the wind chimes tinkled.  We did this for a few minutes before I felt his energy dissipate.
I wandered up an area that had a low fence around its perimeter.  I could only see two stones in this enclosure, and that got me curious, so I went in.  As I took photos, my camera flashed showed me that there were more graves than I had originally seen.  I remarked aloud that I was glad that the two stones I had seen were not the only ones in this lovely site.  Almost simultaneously, I heard in my left ear a definite “Get out!” and my camera shut off, its batteries totally drained.  “Alright,” I said, “I’m leaving!”  I got two photos in this area that show the spirit energy of this decidedly grouchy male spirit in the form of a greenish orb.
We decided to end our investigation, having toured the entire cemetery.  We slowly walked back to our vehicles, stopping along the way to admire the many unique gravesites.  Our investigation had yielded many positive and interesting encounters, and we were ready to sit down, eat some food, and go over the events of the night.  As we drove slowly through the cemetery and got back on the road, I sensed a serene calm once again descend over the final resting place of the citizens of Umatilla.
(Umatilla, FL)
FPRF Investigators: Dianne Frazier, Gail Works, Harry Roger, Jennifer Kavouras, Tracy Pretorius, Tim Tedana
Located just on the outskirts of Umatilla, FL.