Haunted Home
Case #10/ Green Cove Springs FL,  Home (Scientific & Spiritual Investigative Teams) - 26 July, 3 Aug & 8 Aug 03
Background information/Interview:  by:  T. Tedana
FPRF was contacted via e-mail by an individual in Green Cove Springs , Florida concerning several disturbances in her newly acquired home of an unexplained nature.  An edited version of the e-mail reads as follows:
I think our new home (built in 1998) may be haunted. I moved in about three weeks ago. There have been several unexplained occurrences. 1) glass snow globe exploded in the living room-no explanation found. 2) wine glass hanging from rack fell and shattered in the kitchen which is opened to the living room. 3) Alarm clock went off without being set. 4) motion detector in living room went off today-no one was home. 5) Tonight, while sitting in living room we noticed that the motion detector had detected something but no one was moving around. 5) Dark shadow noted going across outside window. The motion detector/alarm system is new.
My friend and I were spooked so we went on-line and did some research. I went back and looked at the pre move-in photos of the house and there are multiple orbs in the photos.  The orbs are most prevalent in the living room but are also seen in the three bedrooms and dining room. Please help.
Melissa M
Initial Phone Interview:  :  Odd occurrences begin – Phones By T. Tedana
21 July 03 - I initially called Melissa to do an initial phone interview to determine the credibility of the case, upon dialing the number provided, a very elderly sounding lady answered the phone.  I asked if I could speak to Melissa, she sounded as if she could not hear me very well and then finally said in an elderly fragile voice “There is no Melissa here,” I then apologized and hung up.. I looked at the number I just called in the telephone’s memory digital display and it was the correct number given according to the letter.  I then hit ‘re-dial’.  The phone again rang but this time an answering machine immediately picked up.  It was Melissa’s answering machine.  I left a message and wondered who answered the first time, thinking that perhaps she had an elderly relative living with her.  I then sent Melissa an e-mail letting her know that I called twice (the first time getting an elderly lady) and to please contact me.  Melissa contacted me several hours later.  She said she was at work and that there was nobody at the home when I called.  This took me as a surprise because I simply pushed the re-dial button to the same number.  Brushing this odd event aside I then explained to her the process of first sending out a ‘point’ person who would do an interview with her at the house.  If this worked out and things appeared to warrant an investigation.  The point or liaison would arrange the times for future investigations.  The case was given to Lisa Anderson.
23 July 03 – Lisa indicated that she had called Melissa’s home several times and was getting strange sounds on her answering machine.  She stated that she did, however, leave messages after the 'beep' for Melissa to contact her.
24 July 03 - Melissa contacted me via-email and stated she never got any messages and wondered if the investigation was still on?
25 July 03 – Contacted Melissa via e-mail and inquired if she had gotten a message from Lisa to set up an initial interview.  She stated that she had not heard anything from Lisa at all.  This perplexed me a bit.  I then attempted to contact Lisa, her phone was now ‘out of order’.  Original time lines were set up for a scientific investigation on 26 July (if all went well during the initial interview).  I contacted Melissa again and the other two team members who were to be on the science team (Marleen Nichols and Krista Mattson), we would go ahead and perform the initial interview with Melissa and witnesses while Marleen and Krista proceeded forth with the investigation.  I attempted to contact Lisa but her phone was still  'out of order'.  Hmmmmmm... during this time frame my computer which runs on Road Runner kept losing its signal which prevented me from trying to contact Lisa via e-mail.  Road Runner sent out technicians but they could not figure out why the signal was being lost spontaneously.  The system would work when their techs came to see it and would suddenly stop working when they left.  Investigation was set for 26th of July.  We would have to do this without Lisa (darn).
Scientific Investigation - 26 Jul 03, 8 p.m.
Team Members Present:  Krista Mattson, Marleen Nichols, Tim Tedana
Report by Krista Mattson

The investigation began at approximately 8:00 PM.  Scientific team members present were Tim Tedana, Marleen Nichols and Krista Mattson. Other people present were the client, Melissa, her friend Audrey and a male friend, Matt.
The outside temperature was about 80 degrees.  The moon phase was 4% waning.  Solar X-Ray’s were “active” and Geomagnetic Field’s were “unsettled”.   The investigation was conducted entirely indoors and I had the client shut off the air conditioning so that the dust would settle and possible spirit orbs would be more visible.
Tim conducted the witness interview with Melissa using the Witness Interview Form.
Marleen and I set up the Sony Nightshot video camera in the living room.  I have not yet received a report back from Tim if there was anything significant on the video.
EMF readings were taken by both Marleen and me in various areas of the house approximately every 20 to 30 minutes.  No significant EMF readings were recorded and no significant cold spots were experienced.
We took numerous shots with our digital cameras, I also used a 35mm camera.  All significant digital photo findings have been sent via email to FPRF…and there were many good orb energy photos.  The 35mm film has not yet been processed.
EVP recordings were done by both Marleen and me.  My tape recorder malfunctioned (most likely, operator error) rendering no EVP.  Marleen did pick up several suspicious sounds on her digital recorder.
Other Notes:
I took digital photos of the broken snow globe and the wine rack.  Based on client information, the snowglobe had mysteriously exploded and glasses also have fallen off the wine rack and crashed onto the floor.  I could not find any physical reason as to why the wineglasses would have come off the rack.  The remaining glasses seemed very secure and it seemed to be sitting level on the floor.  One photo that I did take of the wine rack that was interesting as it showed an orb just outside the window above it.  As for the snow globe, I have never heard of one exploding by itself.  I asked the client where she had it when this happened.  She told me it was on a shelf with other collectibles.  I was looking for the possibility of it being exposed directly to the sun, as it would have acted as a magnifying glass in direct sunlight.  This was not the case.  I took several EMF readings of both the wine rack and the snow globe and nothing significant registered.
At around 8:53 PM the motion detector went on for no apparent reason.  It had not come on at all that evening until then, even though we were moving around a lot in that area (living room).
I would like to note that as we were wrapping up the investigation the whole group of us was talking, and we did have a strange occurrence.  I was sitting on the floor near the coffee table and ‘sensed’ a presence.  At the exact same time I felt it, one of the dogs barked towards my direction.  Marleen still had her camera in her hand and I told her to quickly snap a photo.  The results of that photo were several orbs anomalies that appeared around me.
Statements taken by Tim during the interview detailed unexplainable occurrences within the home and around the barn.  In addition,  numerous orb activity was noted to occur when the dogs (and the motion detector) would alert us of something unseen in the immediate vicinity.   The team could find no rationale explanation for the events.  The home owner requested insight by our Spiritual Investigative Team.
Residential Investigations
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2nd spiritual investigation - 8 august 03  
Spiritual Intervention Team Members:  Deb & Marleen Nichols   Report by Deb Nichols
NOTE: Due to the immense amount of information received during this investigation, the mass of spirits, and completion, some of this report has been edited or condensed.
We met at the client’s house around 11:15 or so in the morning. She came out to meet us and we said hello to her husband as he was working in the yard. I don’t remember getting introduced to him and didn’t get her name until we actually entered the home.  I paused in the living room. They have a large open floor plan, and proceeded to what I perceive as the heart of the house, the kitchen area.  Looking around and feeling I quickly became aware of a group of kids. The client was pretty quiet as I was feeling and responding. I asked her if she was aware of the kids, and realized that they were/are kids.  She said yes, and asked me how many I perceived.  At first – I was aware of about 4-5, and told her I believed there were more and needed just a minute. The response from the group was an automatic clamoring about the word “KIDS”, they were/are CHILDREN, and wanted to know about this word, “kids”. What an amazing, communicating group. I became tuned into about 11-15 children, and clarified different things with the client, who verified that she, always refer to them as “the children”. Such events as the television, and certain lights being turned on during the night, and the horses having company, were also occurring regularly. I felt that there was an attraction to the barn, and also to electrical things, lights, the computer, the kitchen and asked if she ever felt them when they joined her on the couch, and sat in the living room or the office. She doesn’t “feel” them, per se’, and didn’t think they spent much time in the office, as not much is ever disturbed there. I told here that that was because of all the “new-fangled” items and contraptions that exist now, and that the office is the adult place and recognized as a work environment as well.
Shortly after this discussion and insistence of the entities, I was impelled to get a piece of paper and start writing the children’s names as they were being given. The children had been waiting along time to be able to be heard and missed being called by name. A very insistent group, “ NOT kids, Children!,” a very verbal group and greatly excited to be able to seen, felt and heard. I had to comment to our client about her usage of the words Children, as this group considered kids to be baby goats and were rather bothered at being referred to as kids. I found myself grabbing paper and pen to keep up with their clamoring and immediately began receiving names: Joshua, Maggie (who ‘helps out’), Harry, who is the eldest (and feels and acts responsible for most of them); Lydia, (who’s energy I could feel sitting behind me shyly on the floor), Susan, June, Jacob, Megan (who also helps), and Charlie. I do believe there were a couple others who chose not to give theirs. The group referred to our client as “Miss Miss” and felt drawn to her, and her caring for her horses, her light, and her sensitive soul. Her relationship with her husband and the fact they have no children and could give them the safety and space and pay attention, and the gentleness and ‘heart’ of our client as well, attracted them. She made them remember ‘home’ with the use of molasses.  Some of these children were siblings and had vast amounts of information that they were sharing, excitedly and at great speed and energy. Several had died together or as the result of an accident in which they had lost their parents. A couple died as a result of injury complications, or weakness of the immune system when a great fever came through the area, about the same time. They were also aware of the past lay of the land and surrounding towns. These children’s spirits were also “layered”, meaning that some of them are/were form different time periods or eras.
Most of this group had no idea that they were dead, and told me that at the time of their demise, some of them had been unconscious, and described being delirious. Due to the infection and high fever, when they had “awoken”, there was no parent to be seen or found, and they were often alone. This experience had been quite confusing, and scary to a group of children whose ages range from about 4 or so to 16. This sickness spread early in the 1900’s or very later 1890’s, although an accuracy of real time dates I could not pin down. The disease was most rampant in the fall of winter at that time and their symptoms and affects were: fever, VERY HIGH fever, vomiting, a great (unquenchable thirst), chills (“bone chills”), hurting joints, great headaches, pain all over the body and delirium, stomach aches and being very cold. It often caused unconsciousness, possibly comas, for a few of these spirits described being “out, completely unaware of anything for quite awhile” and awaking dead, lost so to speak and quite confused. According to the entities the road that borders the south end of the property, and is the present day access off of the main highway, had been the main road of transportation for quite awhile. There was a four-way stop at the southwest corner of their property that leads down straight to the river and the shipping town there. The children spoke of it leading from one small town, The Port and the road to the Main town, that was south by southwest and almost a half-day’s travel if you went by cart, or carriage. One set of children was siblings, I believe of 6, in the family. There was a terrible accident in which the family cart, the large one also used to get supplies and shop vs. the Carriage, (evidently used by 2-4 people and more formal transportation), flipped and caused the deaths and injuries of most of the family. The horses spooked and the upset cart crushed at least 1 child, un-named, the Mother died on the scene, after being thrown, Julie died, Jane fell out and died, causes unknown exactly and Jacob fell out. Harry, whom I feel maybe the eldest boy of this group, maybe 15-16 yrs old, broke his arm and also, later on, developed an infection. It is my understanding that a weakened immunity system killed him. The father was severely injured and was taken “to hospital” in town, where he succumbed to his injuries. I am not sure how the name of Johnson or Johanssen is relevant to this family or it is some one who helped.  The parent’s spirits passed over, either at death or soon after and at least 1 or 2 of the other children’s as well. From what I gathered, Harry didn’t live with his siblings and had been out to the house to visit, and basically lived closer to, or in town It was during this phase of the conversation that the children spirits asked if Angels are real. We had conversation about angels, death, The Bible, Scriptures, female Ministers, the Arch-Angel Ezekiel, the light and crossing over. We talked about releasing of a spirit from this plane to another.  Harry chose to overhear these conversations, but not to participate. Charlie had a lot of information about the area, ships and boats, ports and Tocai. He had “heard talk of different forts, and news” and died from a ship or accident.  Charlie was 12.
After explaining about transitioning to the other side, and meeting their families and loved ones, the topic came up about being able to go between the planes, come back and visit back and forth, freely; whence I explained that you have to cross over and recognize you are dead before you can come back in any sense. I, then, told them that I was going to explain how to reach their parents and loved ones and that the time had come for them to leave, and go where they belong. They would have a bit of time to consider all that we had talked about and I needed a respite and also realized that they wanted to go outside.  It has been a long time since I have had so much communication freely flowing with spirits, and such emotional clarity. . Many different personalities, fears, so much chattering and joy at being heard, and so mirthful and concerned. I have never encountered so many children spirits in one place at one time before, nor made anyone so happy just by being able to address them and recognize them by name, and as an individual. As I got up to exit, I could hear the confirmation that they wanted to be in the sunlight.
Outside, I “saw” different energy patterns and am rather curious as to whether a building had existed in a different time on that same east by southeast corner of the property, next to the road where the 4-way stop/intersection still is today (it is no longer a 4-stop today). The children spirits still had many questions and comments; and as we were heading back, I distinctly heard the name, “MATT” and asked, “Who is Matt?” The client asked me “Which one”, and then I described not 1 but 2 men named Matt, dark haired and dark eyed, darker complexions, 1 being her husband, whose name I hadn’t known, and the other Matt, shorter and younger, among other details; being a man who boards his horse with them. This group of children was very opinionated about many things and people, and liked sharing their points of view. They really liked the client’s husband, but not the fact that he had to come and go as much as he did, though some understood, as some of their family members had participated in the Civil War, and/or reparation.  As we re-entered the house- I was “told” by them about the prior owners, their 3 children, (which had attracted the various children spirits to the home originally) the prior owners’ divorce and other personal information that our client confirmed.  This group had very strong likes and dislikes. Amazing!
When we re-entered – I told them that the time had come to go and I was not going to sit on the floor with them, but encourage them to go with their families. I prepared them to join and enter the light and watched and feet their departures.  Surprise! I became aware of another boy spirit who introduced himself as Stephan (pronounced Steven), raised in New England, quite proper with a clipped accent, “a fine education”, dressed in a suit and tie, and blondish. Stephan was/is about 16, and there to “help out”, to help the children cross over. He crossed over to the light with his father, due to a boating accident at the port during a storm causing the boat to sink at the pier. Stephan chose to come back and help others over. He and Charlie had also done much talking and it was through him, if I understood correctly, that Charlie had all of his extra knowledge as well. After some brief additional conversations and clarifications, we/I said good-byes to June, Charlie, Joshua, Jacob, Lydia, Susan, Mary Kate (a new name to me), Maggie, Georgia O. May Ellen, Kylie (spelling not sure of), and Jermane (Germane)( also names I had not had before). The topic arose beforehand, about Harry and his hesitancy to leave; so as each left, there were also good-byes to Harry. Megan decided to stay here at this time, and to remain with Harry until he changes his mind. Stephan said that he would be working with them as well. I have the feeling that there are yet other spirits still attracting there, and to our client’s personal light and energy. I instructed her how to help them cross to the light and will remain open for further assistance and communication.
During this “reading” and clearing the names of “Griegs” and “Aunty Rose Fields” came up, as well as a curiosity as to Georgia’s last name as it begins, we think with the ‘O’.
This, to date, was my most interesting, complex clearing and work in this field. I have another ongoing in McClenney, with yet, some layering of its’ own. What is amazing is the amount of yet “lost spirits”, around us. We often feel that just because someone has departed this plane of existence, that they are no longer radiant in themselves, and personalities. This reading and the children’s energy, was a joy to do, be and work in.  I am expecting (hoping!) to go back again, as, as long as this client lives there, (and asks me).   I have a hunch, this space may continue to remain “active” a long time.
Sincere gratitude to her for allowing me the privilege to do what I do, there; and for being so supportive, so open, and for being herself. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her, and maybe her husband, as well.  Blessings to them.
1st spiritual investigation - 2 august 03 Report by Dianne Frazier
Spiritual Investigation Team Members:  Dianne Frazier, Marleen Nichols, Tim Tedana

As I begin to write this, I realize that some of what happened, I am not totally aware of, because very soon after arriving, the children’s spirits began trying to tell their story to those present. I did a walk through, as the children immediately wanted to show what their favorite things were, and where. Upon first arriving, I saw an eagle on the fence watching us. Since White Eagle is one of my guides, I felt this to be significant. I knew the spirits were unmistakably children, as I felt hugs to the point of stopping in my tracks, overwhelmed by emotion. I felt the children really loved Melissa, the lady who lives there, and she made them feel safe.  I sensed most of the children liked the barn.  Melissa said, “Yes, the horses are being spooked and the light is coming on down there by itself at night”. She later explained that she had initially called in a pet psychic who said the horses told her kids were playing around them and were spooking them. I was then pushed towards the door, looking at the barn, filled with fear; the kids are worried about the horses and that’s why they keep checking on them. Was there a fire? Melissa said, “Yes, a previous building had burned there”. I felt so much fear, in-group force, I struggled to understand the nature of their emotions. I turned to Melissa, “They’re sorry, they didn't mean to break anything. It was an accident.” “Do you want to see the snow globe they broke? she asked.  As I looked at it, I felt they were telling me that the motorcycle inside of it had killed their parents, possibly a vehicle of long ago.  It spooked their parent's horse and carriage, and they had been killed, never to return. The children then began their search, for help and for a home, lead by their older brother, Harry.  As I was pushed back toward the door, I felt a severe pain in my right arm, I felt one of the kids had fallen from a horse and been hurt. As we sat down, I understood, there were also child spirits were down at the barn, and one of the boys had fallen from the horse and suffered for two days before being found. I felt surrounded by the kids. They felt desperately insecure because they loved Melissa and didn’t want to go. Tim asked how many were there, I said 6, although I felt many more were out near the barn. I felt they were a family of many, who had been abandoned by their parents, although it was unclear as to whether the accident was what really happened to them. The older boy, Harry, took over, but as Tim asked to speak to him, I felt his hopeless frustration. “I did the best I could!” he insisted. “I tried to hunt for them and to look for help, our parents, the best I could do was tell them to wait here, with the lady”. Tim tried to tell him about going to the light, but he felt unsure, “What light? Where?” He had doubted that life existed beyond the light.  Tim asked him if he remembered anything from his childhood, perhaps something he loved that was now gone?  Harry told him of a dog, named Jack, who he loved, that had died.  Tim told him to call for his dog, to concentrate on how he looked and felt while playing, and to call him.  Harry did and Jack did showed up, I felt an overwhelming rush of emotion. Harry was remembering his childhood, when things were simpler. Happy to see Jack, he began to listen to Tim explain that they had passed on and were stuck and needed to cross over to be happy and safe with the angels and that it was time to go ‘home’. I began to feel very hot, and I got the impression of yellow fever (Melissa later said historically it had spread through that area, and Marleen mentioned that they burned the bodies. Perhaps their fear of fire?) Harry could not accept that he had failed; they had died while he was taking care of them, and he felt it was his fault. His dad would blame him, he wavered, afraid to face the truth. As we struggled to explain it to them, we noticed that Melissa’s cat was looking out past the glass door.   We went and looked, and saw that the eagle had landed on the bird feeder, a few feet from the house. Melissa said this had never happened before. I was exhausted from all the emotion, and the burdens I felt that Harry had to bare. After 2 hours we left, we had been unable to convince Harry to take the children under his charge and go home back to the light.  We left knowing they were still there, and that our group would have to return.  Harry was faced with another burden he was unprepared for, the truth. Unlike these lost children, we adults knew that it was accepting this truth that would ultimately set him and his family free.

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