Haunted Home
Case #17/Jacksonville Florida Private Residence
Report by:  Jennifer Kavouras
Residential Investigations
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Scientific Investigation - 4 Mar 04
Team Members:  Jennifer Kavouras, Marleen Nichols, Bill Lee
(Pending Report by Jennifer Kovouras - Point Person)

Spiritual Investigations - 7 & 20 Mar 04
Team Members:  Point - Jennifer Kavouras, Team Psychic - Dianne Frazier   
I have a beautiful picture on my wall, given to me by grandma, a few days shy of my birthday, with much love and enduring loyalty, on the behalf of her family, who we worked together to calm their fears and reinstate peace of mind, with their spiritual awakening taking front and center stage in their lives, demanding answers to their questions that they could not quite hear. Lucky for me, Mrs._____ heard her grandma loud and clear, as I stood in front of it, admiring the beautiful woman in long flowing white lace dress, she said" GIVE IT TO HER". You see grandma is a spirit, whose love for her family has exceeded all time, space and boundaries, even death. I first met Mrs._____ and her grandma on march 14th, as my team member, Jennifer Kovouras and I walked into the house, answering a request for help by the residents.  They are a wonderfully gifted family; from mom to father, young daughter and older brother.  The 'psychic gift' has been in their family for years. Mrs._____ told me her husbands mother always knows before something it actually happens and the Mrs._____ family has had spirit contact in the way of their young cousin who had passed on, in Tennessee.  As a matter of fact, the 'trouble' started after they returned from a trip up there when they answered yes to a question I asked.  They had visited a cemetery while there. The 'trouble' they were having ran the gamut, lights going on and off, the computer malfunctioning, (as did the team members assigned to this case), doors opening and closing, disembodied voices in the night, cold spots and touches.   Jenn and I noted the heaviness of the air, along with a sweet smell of what we later learned was grandma's perfume.  The spirits presence quickly drew me directly to an unseen vortex in the bedroom. I set up my Sony Nightshot Video Recorder in there, and then proceeded walking through the house, summoning the spirits out and getting orb pictures in almost every room. We decided to listen to the evp recordings of their voices (recorded before by the FPRF Science Team during their visit) in the kitchen area and from the computer to draw them out. They were saying things like "when they come back", "who are the strangers?" I knew my responsibility was to attempt to communicate truths to them to dispel any fears they may be holding on to.  I went into the bedroom first alone to communicate with them.  I explained I was there to help, and to find out why they were there and to help them if possible.  I had explained to the family, to imagine their (the spirits) frustrations.  Concern for the well being of family members; trauma, fear of god punishing them, confusion.  Any of a number of things could cause them to turn from the light to become trapped in this realm.   They are confused, lost, reaching out for someone to see them, hear them, help them.  As I went into my 'altered state' I called forth a frustrated spirit I sense who had caused most of the phenomena that was being experienced by the family. . As I began to 'mesh' with him, I spoke with him.. letting him know I understood his frustration and anguish.  I offered him to look into my heart, to merge with me so that he could know I only wanted to help him, so he would trust me.   I conveyed to him that he needed to follow his loved ones who preceded him into the light.  A place where he could set aside all his pain, fear, hurt and remember and become what he really was at his core, a pure soul evolving higher.  I called for God's angels to come, for my spirit guide white eagle, and for this man's family in spirit (Robert's) to come for him.  He had suffered for a while before passing, I felt with pneumonia, and had become agitated and confused mentally at the time of his death. I heard the name Carol, who had come for him and I 'saw' him mentally, walk towards the light with them.  I told him I wanted this for him, to go with God's love back home. It is hard for me to describe this to you, as I was in the passage between this realm and the next, the beauty and iridescence of the white light is breathtaking, I gathered my thoughts, and went to get Jenn and Mrs._____ I told Jenn I had helped him return home, but needed to know if there were others still there.  We began taking pictures in the other rooms, and then returned to the bedroom.  I sat with Mrs._____ and I explained to her that her inner light had attracted the spirits to her.   She had to be firm with the mischievous ones (usually children) and to protect her family by saying," only the highest and best spirits can be here, all others must go" (she told me they usually listened to her husband if he spoke to them like that), I told her she could learn much from her spirit guides, especially her grandmother, whose fragrance we sensed and felt all around us.  I let her know that 'presence' would be a continuing feeling, and that she could be asked her for help in many situations, Mrs._____ said they had rented the house but had decided to move (which could upset the spirits) also.  There was a man who had died in the residence before they moved into the house. Furthermore, there was an energy vortex in addition to power lines nearby which would help feed this energy.  This, along with the innate ability of the family members drew the spirits.  We asked grandma for help and we sat on the bed, while Jenn took pictures, Mrs._____ and I called to any remaining spirits, (children), and together we 'prayed 'them over, calling to the angels and to their families to come for them.  Afterwards, Jenn's equipment that had been malfunctioning previously began to work normally. We all felt the air had cleared, got no more orbs, and felt the next step was to sage the house. I gave the little girl who lived there and who had been afraid, a hug and told her everything was going to be ok.  I felt so strongly the need to keep that promise to her and to this wonderful loving family.  We left, tired but satisfied that they were going to be fine. Jennifer went home to listen to a couple of hours of audio recordings, searching for evps, and to check her pictures while I went home to watch the niteshot video.  I hoped it had caught the swooshing sound I distinctly heard as the spirit went from this dimension to the next.  To my excitement, it did capture flying orbs, over the bed, flashes of light and orbs at the center vortex of the bed. Another thing I noticed reviewing the video in that room.  While we were searching the other rooms, the family cat had laid on the bed until something fell and scared it-no one was in there with it.  All of this happened before we did the final 'crossing over' we all felt the house was clear...but was it?
The Return
Later in the week I received word that we would need to return to the house,  Tim had sent an inquiry to the family to follow up on the intervention.  Additionally, Jennifer said they had contacted her also.  Another entity had made it's presence known with Mrs.______, standing in front of her, she felt something 'forced' her down on the bed. "I don't know what you're trying to say," she told the entity "leave me alone". It followed her into the other room. She made a request to both Tim and Jenn for us to come back. She told the spirit I would come back to see what it wanted. The rest of the week went well, as the more mischievous children and the frustrated older man had crossed over. I thought about the promise I had made to the little girl, to make things be 'ok' for them.  I talked with my friends then with my spirit guides about the possibility of actually clearing a place, permanently. White Eagle explained, "all places have seen death, but not all people can see the dead. Spirits are everywhere, some trapped others visiting, many guides everywhere, this family is special.  Mrs._____ has a call to learn to use her gifts, this you must explain to her. They will keep coming to her, they mean her no harm. Only want her help." I had someone drive me to the house this time, as I knew the spirit had hidden from me last time, and would take much effort on my part to 'clear'. We met Jenn at the house, as we walked up together.   I didn't know what to expect, feeling very anxious." COME IN!" we were greeted with a warm welcome and we sat down, asking for news of the weeks events. "Thank you!  Mrs._____ said, "You said that grandma could help if we asked her and so we asked her to help find tax papers we needed from 2002.  She had searched EVERYWHERE.  We asked her to find them, and when we came home they lay right there in a notebook, left out for us! "My relief at that story was short lived, as Mr.____ ran to the door, saying 'go away" AS SOMEONE TRIED TO COME IN, HE PUSHED THE DOOR SHUT, THEN OPENED IT LAUGHING, playing a trick on his teenage son.  Needless to say, we were all taking deep breaths, trying to regain our composure. I talked to the family about how they would need to be specific in talking to the spirits, as you would people, instead of saying leave me alone, you would say I do not want any negative or mischievous spirits here, leave my house, she would have to decide who she would to have stay or go, and the rules. I went into the bedroom and set up the nightshot, feeling the house was much better than the last time. We walked through the rooms, calling to the spirits to come out, especially the male entity that had hidden from me.  I invited them into the room and shut the door. I began communicating, explaining that I was not there to force anyone to do anything, but that I just wanted to try help everyone, that it was not fair to scare the family.  I asked grandma to be a gatekeeper for Mrs._____ I explained that the spirits were not being ignored but there were limits to Mrs._____ ability to communicate with them, although she had much love and respect for all. As I settled in, calling their angels, White Eagle, and grandma for help, the male entity came to me. His name was (is) Jonathan, I felt he had followed Mrs._____ home from the Tennessee cemetery trip; he was about 18, tall and lanky and frustrated but mainly really lonely and afraid. I told him to look into my heart, I knew how he felt, and I called to his loved ones for their assistance. His mother appeared and they hugged EACH OTHER SO TIGHTLY! I was overcome with emotion as her concern for his 'being lost' faded away, all the suffering and fear that he had lived with for so long. He thanked me and they turned to go into the light, the most all encompassing feeling of pure love, of finding that which makes us whole, what we all search for our entire lives, this light that awaits us all. Wiping away the tears, grandma prepared to help me with a few children still there (I was later told by spirit that because the oldest, a girl of 14, had heard her name called in the store by Mrs._____, who was actually calling her daughter of the same name, and so the lost spirit feeling 'recognized' came home with her).  I spoke with the girl as she gathered the children, and I asked them why they were there. They then showed me (telepathically, mental pictures) how they saw Mrs._____, she had the most radiant heart, and looked like an bright shining angel to them (which she is-just ask grandma).  I then asked if there was a message for her, the littlest girl, Vanessa who had long curly hair, about 4 years old, said "tell her we love her and we'll miss big orange kitty the most".  Again I watched them cross over, and I tried to gather my energy to join the others. Jenn came in and hugged me, sensing I needed one. She took more pictures, to check for lingering spirits, but nothing showed up. I had asked grandma for a quick message for Mrs._____, she showed me scenes, pictures.. so I inquired about her recently having a pink flower in her hair, and had she fed a raccoon, and something about white lace. She said her daughter had just put pink azaleas in her hair last week, and last summer she had fed raccoons. This left the last part, about the white lace leading me to stand in front of the picture, the one of the lady that is now hanging in my house, a precious gift I will always cherish.  I want to thank this family for the opportunity to meet some of the most giving and truly loving people, which is very renewing to my spirit, and I saved a big hug for grandma, who lived to 97 but didn't want to see 98.  She is as loving now as she was then.  I plan to work with this family in the capacity of further education, because their gifts are backed up by pureness of heart, a real rarity in this day and time.          
Follow up - 2 April 04 by: T. Tedana
As standard courtesy I contact the home owner approximately 2 weeks after the intervention to insure things were going well at the home.  I was glad to hear that the energy levels within the household now felt 'normal'.  Approximately 1 week later FPRF received the following e-mail.
I am glad you emailed me, there is a couple of things I wanted to  follow-up with you on.  First, I have attached a picture that Jennifer sent to me titled 2a47.jpg (I renamed Stooksberry).  In the bottom right hand corner of the picture where it looks milky-if you enlarge that it is the face of my Grandmother Stooksberry.  I sent it to my family and they were flabbergasted.
Secondly, regarding the teenage fellow that was suppose to follow me home from a Tennessee graveyard; my aunt went around the area I always visit when I go home and found an 18 year old boy, who was a family member, that passed away about 70 years ago a few graves over from my Grandmother. She called my Great Great Aunt who was a young girl when he passed away and was told that he died of TB or pneumonia or something----sounds very consistent with what Dianne said.
I know the great great aunt thing sounds funny, but we have a huge family-all of whom are close.  In fact, until I was 13, my maternal grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandmother all were in good health and within walking distance from my home.  Until then, I had 5 living grandmothers and 3 living grandfathers.  We fortunately have a good
history of things like this happening to several family members-I guess I never thought I would be one of them.

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