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Case #18/Brandon Florida Private Residence
Initial Interview  - 6 June 04  (report by Julie Gleason)
On June 6, 2004 at 11:00 a.m. I visited the apartment in Brandon which is just east of Tampa.  The girl living in the apartment had complained of objects moving on their own, unseen voices, lights going on and off, doors opening and closing, and even being touched, pinched, poked and practically strangled by invisible hands.  When I got to the apartment I set up my digital video and voice recorder in her bedroom and bathroom since these were the rooms that she claimed had the most activity.  I then interviewed the female resident.  The apartments are a couple years old and she said that these types of events seem to follow her where ever she goes.  Even while staying at hotels or relatives houses while on vacation.  On one trip,  while visiting her mother the strange occurrences started up and stopped just as soon as her visit ended.  Others have witnessed these events like her roommate, her father who lives in the apartment downstairs, and a couple friends who had stayed the night.  These witnesses unfortunately were unavailable for me to speak with during the interview.   Nothing odd happened during my  visit and I was unable to capture any anomalous energy reading while on site.  The resident was very friendly and relayed on events from her past which involved many negative scenarios.  These thoughts and memories may serve as a catalyst, or beacon that appears to either attract certain energies which cause manifestations near her or, she may in  be creating events through psychokinesis. This may be the underlying reason for the poltergeist type activity that has followed her since the age of 9.  I have followed up with the her (owner of the residence) for a few weeks after the initial interview to determine the activity level before calling for a full team investigation.  At the moment the activity reported is minimal to none.  This case will be temporarily listed as inconclusive until activity re-surfaces again which may necessitate further investigation.   
Julie Gleason
FPRF Investigator
Case Status - Inconclusive
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