Haunted Home
Case #25/Tampa Bay, FL  Private Residence  - 26 March 2005
Residential Investigations
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Background Information - FPRF Investigators:  Julie Gleason & Harry Rogers
This case involves a female, her fiancé, and a few friends and family members. The female and her fiancé are the only people residing at the North Tampa apartment, but visiting friends and family members have witnessed events as well. Events reported by the couple were: a small black figure, a tall apparition in a pinstripe suit, objects moving on their own, a small boy, and orange glowing orbs. One story in particular I found interesting was as follows:
The couple was in bed when a figure wearing a brown pin-stripe suit and a fedora on it’s head came out of the wall, moved toward them, stood next to the bedside and bent over them. The figure’s face was described as oval and alien like with blurred, gray facial features. When the female resident told others what she had seen, her grandmother told her she had seen the same figure years ago, before the girl had been born. Except when the figure stood above the grandmother, it put it’s hand over her mouth making it difficult for her to breathe. Another family member witnessed the figure in the pin-stripe suit. This was the girl’s father-in-law to be. The couple was out of town and the father-in-law was staying in the apartment. While he was in bed, the figure came out of the wall, came to the bedside and bent over the bed like it had done before. This time though, the figure immediately stood back up and quickly left. The father-in-law said the presence appeared surprised to find him in the bed instead of the current residents.
The other figure seen several times is the little black one. The girl described it as a thin, black, two foot tall “cut-out” of a person. She and a friend have seen it in the wooded area near the apartment’s tennis courts, and the girl has seen it in the wooded area right outside her apartment patio, and in her living room. On the day she saw it in her living room, she had experienced an energy loss and the feeling that the air was being sucked from her lungs. She also stated she had heard a “rushing” or “rustling” sound in her ears. When she told others of her experience, a couple family members reported seeing these little black figures the same day she had seen the one in her living room.
Harry Rogers and I visited the North Tampa apartment on Saturday, March 26th at 6:30 pm. We spoke with the couple and did the usual routine recordings utilizing digital cameras, EMF detectors, along video and voice recorders. Nothing unusual was recorded or observed during the investigation.  There is a lot of electrical current running throughout the apartment, as the EMF detectors carried constantly were going off only because of the natural currents in the home, near walls and cabinets. The couple was very friendly and did not seem frightened at all by the events they have witnessed. Their only concern was the little black figure seen frequently in and around the premises.  They were also interested in why it, and the other entities observed by them wanted.  The couple are not strangers to the metaphysical world as they recounted metaphysical practices that they are familiar with and have practiced.
Julie Gleason
Side Note*

Due to the fact that no abnormal readings of any kind were captured during the science investigation, a second spiritual investigative team will not be assembled.  During the interview it was established by our investigators that the residents themselves do study and practice, what some would call - metaphysics.  Situations such as this, where the residents routinely are involved in certain types of metaphysical practices or customs often inadvertently, open the doors to energies from the invisible realm that is  just outside of our normal range of perception.   These energies do have ways of making their presence known .  Most individuals who take part in such endeavors are usually very familiar with the energies that one may come into contact with.  Doors often do open.  What lays just beyond those doors are not necessarily  negative energies, but they are energies that most are not used to interfacing with on a daily basis.  An outside spiritual team cannot normally clear an energy  that may  inadvertently have been 'invited' in.  Usually, the one who invited something in, is the one that must uninvited it as well.  This is actually the way FPRF began its research of the paranormal.  Discovering what works, what doesn't, what brings in energies and what clears them.  As well as conversing with a variety of such entities to learn more of their world from their perspectives.  It is a very fascinating field which often brings one in contact with intelligent energies that most who do not journey onto the path - will  most likely never encounter.  I am not one to say, what is correct or what is incorrect in metaphysical practices.  It all just depends on the path one wishes to experience on any given life.  Saying that, I must add one caveat.  Just be aware of the path one is interested in walking before you begin  the journey.  It can be an interesting journey filled with wonder and revelation.   Think of it as a destination.  To insure you end up at a place you are wanting to go, be sure to study the path, the map if you will.. before you actually begin the journey.   A little pre-planning  will make the trip a lot more enjoyable.
Tim Tedana
FPRF Investigation Coordinator

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation