Haunted Home
Case #30/Winter Park  FL,  Home  19 Nov - 2005
Background information/Interview  -  FRPR Science Members:  Mary Collins & Harry Rogers
Harry Rodgers and I interviewed Dan and Maria in their dining room while their three kids played around us. Maria, who works in an office, has lived in the apartment for seven years, and has felt "someone watching her" and has seen shadows out of the corner of her eyes. Dan, a machinist, has lived there for four years. The activity in the apartment seems to center on him and the couple's two year old son. Dan also has the feeling someone is watching him, and sees shadows and person-shaped figures. He has heard his name called, and has heard other strange noises, including one particularly loud one that his sons also heard. He has been touched, slapped, pushed out of bed, and he showed Harry and me a bruise on his torso which he states was from a punch. He has smelled "rancid" odors, and had to leave the house. He has a recurring dream in which he is in a bar brawl, and a blond man gets stabbed in the side.
The activity in the apartment happens mainly in the fall season, but this year has been especially bad, with an upswing in activity in the last couple of months. The couple's two year old son has "gotten violent" in his behavior, including pretending to stab people in the side. He speaks to someone not there when playing, often yelling or telling him "no." He points to the air and says "Boy! Boy!" Maria states that he is afraid of one of the bathtubs in the apartment, and once during a bath he pointed to the other end of the bathtub and started crying, and demanded to get out.
Maria states that on one occasion, she heard a loud sound from her oldest son's room, and found a plastic shelf overturned, not straight forward but twisted on its side. No one was in the room at the time. She says this also happened once when her oldest son was in the room, and at the time he seemed frightened, but on questioning he denies this. He told me that he doesn't believe in any of this, and he "thinks they're making things up."
Both Maria and Dan say that they have felt the apartment get very hot, and there is an area in the bedroom hallway that gets very cold. Family and friends, according to them, have stated that they don't feel comfortable in the apartment, and one friend, a psychic according to Dan, felt unable to come through the front door and enter the apartment.
Maria comes from a Catholic family, but denies practicing the religion. There are crucifixes in the apartment. The couple agree that several times they have found the statue of the cross on their TV turned around, or laid on its side. Dan comes from a family of "hippies" who practiced some kind of occult rituals, which he says he "turned away from." He has practiced Wicca in the past, and "is unlucky" because he always lives in homes with paranormal activity. He is a gulf war vet suffering from PTSD  and, states he doesn't drink.  It's clear the family attention is on Dan.
The couple both report TVs turning on and off and channels changing, and light bulbs frequently "popping." Dan states they have had electricians in to check the wiring.
We walked through the apartment, and Harry took some photographs. Dan is visibly uncomfortable in the hallway where he says the most activity occurs. The two year old boy was not noticeably unhappy to be around the bathtub when we went in there.
Dan says he will have to leave the apartment if things go on as they have. Both Dan and Maria say they're willing to have a science team come through, but Dan says he doesn't think he should be around if a spiritual team comes through, because he is afraid he'll cause too much paranormal activity and the psychics won't be able to work. He agreed, however, that if a spiritual intervention is warranted, he'll meet the psychics, and we could play it by ear after that.
I've emailed Maria about daily or weekly cycles of occurrences to try to get an idea of a good time for an investigation, and I'll let you know what she says. Also, I've told her she can contact me at any time.
Mary Collins,
PRF Investigator
Crrespondence from Winter Park Home

Hi Mary,
We are trying to keep a record of when it mostly happens. so far we have noticed its mainly during the day (bout 10- 4p) during the week..
dan also has more black and blue marks on his stomach, around the area he showed you, he told me that yesterday he saw the lower half of  a person everything but the upper torso and head, said he saw shoes,  khaki pants and a red shirt but nothing else and jumped. Cameron has a bruise on his chest and I have what looks like 2 finger marks on my upper arm.
last night i was in the living room with the boys getting them to settle down and Cameron kept running up n down the hallway going mommy look look ,dragging me to the hallway, and said ,there look ,but i didn't see anything but it was cold in the hallway.  so far everything else is going better, cam can take a bath w/o flipping out.
I hope that you have a happy thanksgiving and we'll keep in touch to let you know of any other happenings after the weekend.
thank you

11/23/05 later that day
Hi Mary,
ts us again. I just got off the phone w/Dan, he told me that there have been allot of things happening today. he said that he's been seeing flashes of someone walk by him and that something happened to Cameron. what he told me is a lil unsettling cuz now my baby is being affected. he said that Cameron was in the hallway sitting in the spot where we feel it. just sitting there and rocking with his head down.  Dan called to him to come and play in the living room but he wasn't listening so Dan went down the hallway crawling to play w/ Cameron to
get back in the living room . he said that Cameron had been jabbering in that gruff kind of voice and that when he looked up at Dan that for a moment he had a look of pure hate across his face. Dan said it didn't look like Cameron for a min, then he finally snapped and was himself  and went running down the hall.   Cameron's hardly eating since you guys came by.. (less than his usual 2 yr old not eating) and has been acting differently - more mean always hitting us, all of us, and then laughing and running off. we are unsure of what to do.
Sorry I know this is a long drawn out letter.   You can call the house anytime and talk to Dan or myself..
Thank you for your time
Hi Mary,
Hope your holiday was well. I just have a few thing to let you know of in our house this long weekend.
Things have been escalating a bit. Thursday morning i was up getting the turkey in the oven bout 7am everyone was still sleeping I knew someone was behind me and then i heard a man say hi. Dan was not home yet he was still at work he gets off @ 9am.
Then Friday we had our nephew Johnnie) over for the weekend and Dan was sitting at the entrance to the hallway I was on the couch closest to him and the boys were playing on the floor . this was about 820p my nephew was in the kitchen looking for a glass and we heard talking and both Dan & i figured it was just him talking to himself, he then asked where the cups were - I asked him who he was talking to before and he said he wasn't talking he thought we were talking to him. and Dan and I both said nope we heard u in there chatting away, but he said the only thing he had said was when he asked for the glass.
we then were telling him about the strange things happening and that you guys were helping us by looking into it and just then as Mateo was sitting w/ Dan playing he suddenly stopped and glanced down the hall.  Dan looked over and then jumped up and ran. after he calmed down he said he saw a mans figure., he could not make out anything just a figure he said.  nothing else happened so far.   but I will let you know if it does.
Residential Investigations
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Spiritual Investigation (Remote Viewing) - FPRF Psychic:  Dianne Frazier
I was provided a picture for a reading of a home in Winter Park, FL.  No orbs were present yet I still received a message from the spirits who were there.  They showed me a grandfather watching over two young children in a protective mode...and a darker energy-one who had connections to the resident. He showed me a bar, a troubled past with jail time-and a life cut short, resulting in anger and frustration-it's influence affecting the residents through activity electric problems-shadows etc.) and empathetic feelings-a passing on of emotions causing mood changes in the residents-feeding off of their negative reactive energy's saw that the family was struggling with the tension created, not understanding who was there, feeling invaded and fearful. I called the resident to share my message, first confirming the two children and grandparent-a relief to the distressed father. In questioning him I mentioned the spirit who had connected with him at a bar-which turned out to meet the description of a friend who had passed away-his life cut short-in front of the bar. In speaking with him, it became obvious to me that he was gifted, and after overcoming some hardships was being sought out for help by his friend who had passed, the problem being as with most who are in the early stages of recognizing their abilities-he could not really communicate and so the spirit's frustration had escalated. In the beginning of spiritual awakening, many pressures can unfold, questions like Did I really see a shadow move? Religious beliefs come into conflict-trying to make sense of something most hide from others to avoid ridicule. Even with all the correct insights I had, there needed to be a confirmation. I said-they're telling me Jody...he became very excited asking me over and over-how do you know that name! No one knows that my grandmother called me that as a child? I explained this was to comfort him, and I went on explaining how all people with psychic ability end up with crazy situations-a home full of spirits and activity-it takes our reading, taking classes, learning to set limits to the spirits, showing compassion and a willingness to communicate, while having ground rules for privacy issues. Easier said than done of course, but it can be worked out. As for his departed friend, looking through his eyes, facing the fear and anger, we discussed him speaking with him, telling him to go into the light, to end his suffering and to ascend-old lessons behind him-new lessons for his next life. We all wonder why seemingly unfair hardships face us, each of us taking away from our experiences the opportunity to help those-both living and dead who have lost their way. That is the great answer to the much asked question, Why are we here?      likes and dislikes. Amazing!
When we re-entered – I told them that the time had come to go and I was not going to sit on the floor with them, but encourage them to go with their families. I prepared them to join and enter the light and watched and feet their departures.  Surprise! I became aware of another boy spirit who introduced himself as Stephan (pronounced Steven), raised in New England, quite proper with a clipped accent, “a fine education”, dressed in a suit and tie, and blondish. Stephan was/is about 16, and there to “help out”, to help the children cross over. He crossed over to the light with his father, due to a boating accident at the port during a storm causing the boat to sink at the pier. Stephan chose to come back and help others over. He and Charlie had also done much talking and it was through him, if I understood correctly, that Charlie had all of his extra knowledge as well. After some brief additional conversations and clarifications, we/I said good-byes to June, Charlie, Joshua, Jacob, Lydia, Susan, Mary Kate (a new name to me), Maggie, Georgia O. May Ellen, Kylie (spelling not sure of), and Jermane (Germane)( also names I had not had before). The topic arose beforehand, about Harry and his hesitancy to leave; so as each left, there were also good-byes to Harry. Megan decided to stay here at this time, and to remain with Harry until he changes his mind. Stephan said that he would be working with them as well. I have the feeling that there are yet other spirits still attracting there, and to our client’s personal light and energy. I instructed her how to help them cross to the light and will remain open for further assistance and communication.
During this “reading” and clearing the names of “Griegs” and “Aunty Rose Fields” came up, as well as a curiosity as to Georgia’s last name as it begins, we think with the ‘O’.
This, to date, was my most interesting, complex clearing and work in this field. I have another ongoing in McClenney, with yet, some layering of its’ own. What is amazing is the amount of yet “lost spirits”, around us. We often feel that just because someone has departed this plane of existence, that they are no longer radiant in themselves, and personalities. This reading and the children’s energy, was a joy to do, be and work in.  I am expecting (hoping!) to go back again, as, as long as this client lives there, (and asks me).   I have a hunch, this space may continue to remain “active” a long time.
Sincere gratitude to her for allowing me the privilege to do what I do, there; and for being so supportive, so open, and for being herself. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her, and maybe her husband, as well.  Blessings to them.

~ Dianne Frazier ~

FPRF, Team Psychic
On-Site Scientific Investigation  - FPRF Investigators:  Mary Collins & Roger Harry
Report by:   Mary Collins, FPRF Investigator
Harry and I met Dan and Maria and their three kids at the apartment. Maria decided to take the kids for a drive after we discussed the need for a quiet time to film and record sound. After that, Harry set the DVR up on a tripod and also did some digital photography, took readings with an infrared thermometer, and recorded sound with an analog recorder. I had a small digital recorder, which I took into all the rooms of the apartment before settling in the living room to talk to Dan. None of us saw or experienced anything strange during the investigation. There was a ceiling fan and a ticking clock in the dining room, and at one point a telephone could be heard ringing beyond the brick wall in the dining room, and later some teenagers or older kids could be heard yelling
outside the apartment. A window in the living room was cracked open for an extension cord for Christmas lights.
Harry and I recommend that a spiritual team be sent to look into the situation at Dan and Maria's apartment. There are several reasons for this determination.
1.  The EVP captured on all three recorders (digital, analog, and DVR sound).
At one point in the conversation between Dan and me, Dan was speaking, and on all three recordings an apparent whisper can be heard over his speech, with decibel levels nevertheless louder than Dan's normal speaking voice. At the time, neither Harry nor I was speaking, and none of us heard anything thatsounded like a whisper.
2.  The temperature drop noted by Harry about 15 minutes before the EVP. Harry noted that with the infrared thermometer, the ambient temperature inside the apartment was about 75 degrees. Outside temperature was 68. No AC was running, and measurements right by the vent were consistent with the apartment temperature. Approx. 15 minutes before the EVP was recorded, Harry noted a temperature drop near the dining room table to 58 degrees.
3.  Beyond the evidence, a spiritual investigation/intervention would most likely be a benefit to this family.
Dan and Maria believe something paranormal is happening to them, and to their children, ages 1 to 9.  They have sought out assistance at a paranormal shop called B_____ in Orlando, and are attempting to do different rituals to protect themselves and their apartment every day. They hope a spiritual team might be able to give them information about what they're going through. Dan believes he has a history of  paranormal involvement, and comes from a "cursed" family. Dan is also hoping a spiritual intervention will reduce their need to do day to day rituals, burning incense, chanting, etc., and reduce the feeling of tension and fear they feel in their apartment. They believe their children are being affected by this situation, and the health of all the family members.

Mary Collins,
FPRF Investigator

Side Notes & Observations  - Tim Tedana & Mary Collins
Hi Tim,
Oh! One thing I didn't mention, because I'm really not sure it's connected. My car decided to start surging on idle on the way home from the investigation, and now I'm going to have to bring it in for a checkup tomorrow.  It just occurred to me that the timing of that happening right then was odd.  Am I crazy?  ;)
You have a great night.

Hello Mary,
No, that's common actually.  Dianne has had cell phones blow up on her.  My cell phone fried at the Boynton Beach intervention I was at.  These events are normal.  You will need to take extra precautions though if you are at the spiritual intervention.  Drama in personal lives tends to increase dramatically as those events take place.  It's why in my last newsletter, I asked all spiritual team members to remember to take their time with precautions.  You would not believe the things that happen to those team members!  (including myself).  
~ Tim ~
Hi Tim:
Oh, thanks - good to know.  Pep Boys took five hours and four different frustrated technicians to tell me that nothing was actually wrong with my car, but by then I'd already guessed that.  Then on the way home today, the car surged again... but I told it "Cut that out!" and it stopped. Funny stuff.  :)

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation