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Haunted Home
Case #31/Merritt Island  FL,  Private Home  17 Mar -  15 Apr 06
Background information/Interview:
0n 11 Mar 06, FPRF received an e-mail from a Pastor of a local area church.
Science Investigation  17 Mar 06
FRPR Science Members: Gail Works (point),  Jacqueline Duryea & Mary Colgan
On April 15, I visited this client again.  With me was an associate who is a Certified Hypnotist.  The client had previously expressed an interest in being regressed during hyponosis and since she had indicated no change since the clearing, we thought we would give this a try. The client had had another episode of the bed going ice cold, and the continual feeling of being touched persists.
I, my associate, and the client had a lovely conversation.  The client underwent hypnosis twice during our visit. During what appeared to be a deep state of hypnosis, the client was encouraged her to visualize the offending parties in her childhood and to speak with them about the problems she felt had occurred, but she didn't say anything.  
We talked again with the client about the concept of thought forms and tried to explain again how they might be generated, but she just could/would not accept that idea.  
I spoke with the client again last week to see how she was doing, and she sounded better than ever before, even though she feels the entity constantly with her.  She told me that she has decided to change her attitude about it and just treat it as though it was an "incurable disease."          
Gail Works,  FPRF Investigator
Residential Investigations
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