Haunted Home
Palm Bay, FL Private Residence
3 & 10 May 2008
A science investigation took 3 May 08 from 8:30 - 11:30 pm.
Investigators:  Krista Mattson, Tim Tedana, Rudine Bryant & Jorge Pola.

(Krista & Jorge in the living room near scanning in the direction, just off in the hallway where activity had been seen).

(The residence of the home discussing amongst themselves in the living room, the haunting. There was a visitor listening over their shoulders).

(Tim in one of the more active bedrooms where sightings were noted by clients. EMF and temp began to fluctuate in here. Orb is literally following 'behind' him)

(Same room as previous photo.  No children will sleep in this bed room. EMF on the bed area originally had a 00.1 reading. It peaked suddenly to above .5 - photo taken at that time revealed orb in left hand corner).
Full reports will be held off until Spiritual Investigation is accomplished by an FPRF Psychic.

EMF peaks with slight temperature variances were noted after base line readings during this surveillance.  Anomalous images where captured as well during the noted variances.
Residential Investigations
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Spiritual investigation 10 May 2008.
FPRF Psychic, Gail works with FPRF Investigators Krista Mattson & Rudine Bryant.
Report by Gail Works
I first met Bob, the husband and father.  His family was a large one.  They had many children, not only their four biological ones, but also foster children.  I sensed the older of their two boys had suffered some trauma as a result of the paranormal incidents that had occurred in the house.
Wife and mother, Dee, came to greet me and the other team members, and we went inside.  Immediately upon entering the kitchen, I felt there had been a number of events there, objects moving or falling.
I entered the boys' bedroom, a converted garage, and knew the spirit or spirits spent lots of time there because of all the toys.  I toured the rest of the house, gathering psychic information.  One of the girl's rooms had some energy, but the other was surprisingly clear.  They have a beautiful office area that has been converted to a fairy shrine of sorts, and the amount of strong energy, literally had me reeling…I became extremely light headed there, but I felt it was positive, not negative.
I asked the adults to gather in the living room, the children being watched outside by their grandparents.  I wished to call the spirits, for I now sensed two, and ask them to hear what the family had to say about how they felt having them in the home.  I sensed the two energies – one young adult male, and one 5-7 year old female.  She did not really haunt.  Her energy was almost residual in nature, and it was happy and positive.  She peered around the door, giggling.  The young man, on the other hand, was truly "there," and it was to him that I addressed my remarks.
He did not wish to communicate in the living room, but another team member who is sensitive told me, "He'll talk to you in there," and pointed to the boys' room.  We then went into that space, and he stood right beside the bed, and then crouched over near the closet for the duration of the session.  I asked him his name, and got Dan and then later Daniel.
I asked him why he was here with this family and he told me "home."  This was very clear.  I asked him if he understood that he was no longer in the body, but his answer was unclear.
Our communication throughout the session was rather weak, but I sensed that same negative energy I get from my own teenager when I attempt to discuss something she would rather not hear.  He was truly in his own rather sad world.  I asked him how he had come into this home, and I sensed he had been attached to some sort of inanimate object.
I asked him how he died, and got the word "motorcycle."  He did show a darkened, wet nighttime street, lit by streetlights.  I asked him if this was where he died.  He said, "I f*cked up," so I believe it was an accident, although his demeanor was one of a person who has suffered years of chronic depression.  I asked him to think of a loved one, someone who made him feel accepted and safe, and I saw him being hugged by a male, but he would not or could not bring a strong picture of that person into his consciousness.  He simply gave me "no one, nothing."  During this session, a toy, which had not worked for years, turned on and "spoke" three times.
In sadness, I finally indicated to him that I would be performing some rituals that would effectively be banishing him from this home, but he continued to turn his face away from me, his dark hair hanging down to obscure his features.  So I began by using white sage to "smudge" the home, then continued by protecting all the doorways and windows with a mixture of holy water and sea salt.  In the master bedroom, Dee asked me to give special attention to a very beautiful, old roll top desk that seemed to have some issues, so I said some special prayers and smudged the inside of each opening as well as the outside.  During that time, a football that was in the room rolled to my feet.
Dee felt that the home was much "lighter" when I finished and was actually looking forward to sleeping that night.  She and I had much conversation during the evening of a personal, spiritual nature which I will not relate here; however, it is my fervent hope that I provided some much needed comfort and guidance to both her and her husband so they can move forward knowing that the cycle of life continues in their home just as it was intended to do.

Case Status - closed

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation