Haunted Home
Case #52/Mayport,  FL,  Home  15 Jan - 2011
Kings House Scientific Investigation 15 Jan 2011

Team Members: Jennifer Kavouras, Barbara Dobson, Renee Speir, Charlie Charter, Rich Adams.
Science report by:  Jennifer Kavouras                     Solar X-rays:  Normal      Geomagnetic Field:  Quiet

Brianne Bedelman and Ricky were present at arrival – amateur investigators that knocked on the door one day and have come every weekend when the Hurst’s are home to do evp sessions.   They departed before our investigation officially started, but they had been performing evp sessions prior to our arrival.  Ed and Kathy Hurst said that it is a daily thing that people come up to the door and ask to tour the house.  Ed stated however that a lot of people in Mayport refuse to come into the house.
Arrived onsite at 6:38 p.m.
Was directed by Kathy Hurst that we were welcome anywhere in the house, except for the laundry room where the dogs were being kept out of the way. 
At 6:56 p.m. Barbara’s voice recorder turned off twice while we were setting up in the living room.
Incidents discussed during interview with the clients:
Carriage lights going around the entirety of the 3rd floor haven’t worked since they moved in October 31st, 2010.  Ed planned the move in date for October 31st.  Last Friday, Kathy was up on the 3rd floor making the bed when all of a sudden the carriage lights and the overhead lights came on.   They had an electrician check it out and he said there was no reason for it to happen.  Kathy immediately left the 3rd floor when it happened. 
When asking if there were any temperature or pressure changes before, during or after the lights came on, Ed stated that he hasn’t felt any temperature changes in the house.  Kathy responded that the room adjoining the master bedroom on the2nd floor is always cold, even when the heat is on.  That bedroom contains a bed that was in the house when they moved in and they purchased the bed so it would stay with the house.  The bed has an elaborate wooden headboard and the bedframe consists partially of large pieces of driftwood.
Another incident was at 4:30 a.m. when Kathy was in the kitchen pouring water into the coffeemaker.   She felt someone behind her.  It was “weird, eerie and freaky” so she put the coffee back  down and ran back upstairs and got back into bed until Ed got up.
The blue and gold macaw, Lucy, does say “hello” but never connected “hello” with a name until they moved into the house.  He started saying “Hello Howard”.  The clients do not know of anyone named Howard.   Kathy contacted the previous owner and he didn’t know of anyone by the name of Howard.  But the previous owner did get in touch with Mr. King’s great- great grandson.  He said his grandfather’s name was Howard and lived and died in the house (natural death). 
Back in the 1950’s when Mayport did not have a church they would have church services at the King House in the living room with the dining room used as a confessional .  The priest would change his clothes in what is now Justin’s room on the second floor.  Kathy grew up Catholic.
Ed stated that when they first moved in every day when he would be getting ready for bed he would hear a middle aged female voice say his name 3 or 4 times in a row.  This happened every night for about a week and a half.  Then he started hearing a male voice say “hey” several times.  Justin has also heard a male voice say “hey” to him several times.
During the day they have heard a door slam, a loud, hard slam.  Ed believes that it is either the door coming from the entry hall into the dining room or the door from the dining room to the kitchen. 
Twice during the day when Ed was by himself he felt a heavy, suppressive feeling watching him.   He would walk around inside the house and outside and it would follow him wherever he went.   Ed stated that was the only uncomfortable experience he has had in the house.  All other occurrences do not bother him. 
Kathy has had several packs of cigarettes disappear or have been moved.   One pack she had even put her name on them and she left it on her computer table and it turned up on her dresser (another room).  She doesn’t leave cigarettes in the bedroom. 
Justin has heard heavy breathing on the steps from the first floor to the second floor. 
Kathy has smelled a very foul odor several times in the living room by the couch.  The smell is like rotting meat, it’s very brief and only in that location.   She has smelled a breeze of fresh vanilla that swept through the room when she was getting ready for bed.   She does not care for the scent of vanilla.  I asked if she associated the smell of vanilla with anyone and she said “no, I don’t even like the smell of vanilla”.
Ed mentioned that there is another strange occurrence,  the neighbor has 6 black cats and they will all line up on the side of house and stare at the house.
Ed and Kathy just got a white bird and for Christmas they tried to put her in the dining room in front of the windows.   The bird would scream from the moment she opened her eyes until the time they took her out of the room.   She has since been moved into the living room where she is quiet.
Occasionally at night they will hear someone walking up and down the stairs between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
When asked if they had ever experienced anything similar.   In 1995 they had been living in a house across the river for a few years.   The house was used as a triage center if anyone was injured during training.   They occasionally heard voices in the house, one of an old lady and one of a young guy.  Ed didn’t get the impression they were from the same time period.   Ed woke up one night and felt his arm being pulled on, that was the first time he heard the voices.   There was also a white, transparent shapeless mist 3 to 3 ½ feet tall that would follow Kay around.  Both Ed and their daughter , Mary, saw the mist.  But Kay did not see the mist.   They said the left the house because their daughter Mary got sick in the house.  Mary was 18 at the time.   They found out the previous five owners had died in the house.  One worked at the shipyard and had a massive heart attack.   Their daughter started having grand mal seizures in the house.  At one point she was hospitalized when she had 8 grand mal seizures in one night. and had two more seizures while on phenobarbital in the hospital.   Once they moved out of that house Mary has not had any more seizures.  
Ed wears trifocal glasses and Kathy wears contacts for nearsightedness.   There are no hearing problems.  No allergies, no difficulties with their sense of smell.
Kathy took me on a tour of the house and then departed when we reached the third floor.  I noted that there was a heavy presence in the 2nd floor bathroom at the head of the stairs and again at 7:48 p.m. on the 3rd floor and the video camera would not focus.   The 3rd floor consists of a single room.  When I mentioned the heavy presence one of the team members stated that Richard’s batteries kept draining in the room and Barbara stated that her stomach kept flip-flopping while she was sitting on the sofa on the 3rd floor.  Charlie, Barbara and Renee stated that they had felt a presence in the guest bedroom adjoining the master bedroom with the elaborate wooden headboard.  At 7:50 p.m. the battery for my emf meter (new battery) was drained when I turned it on, at that time the video camera would again focus.  It was also hard to breath in the room.   Barbara stated that when she turned on the emf meter I  loaned her that it was also dead, that had also been a brand new battery.   When I started heading down the stairs it immediately became easier to breath.   One of the girls stated that her legs felt weak on the stairs from the 3rd floor to the second floor.
At 7:53 p.m. while in the empty guest bedroom on the second floor (connects to master bedroom) there is an evp of “hello” on my audio recorder.  There were no emf spikes at the time.
At 7:58 p.m. Barbara, Renee and I were on the 3rd floor.  Barbara was doing an evp session and said that on the way up here she had been thinking of a color, the color of someone’s hair.  It appears that a female responded with “black” when reviewing the audio.  Barbara stated at the time that she knew they were there because her stomach was sick like it was before.
At 8:02 p.m. Charlie, who had just recently arrived on the 3rd floor, stated she could not breathe.  A second person who was having difficulty breathing on the 3rd floor.  At 8:03 p.m. Charlie’s head started to hurt on the back of her head at the top.  She stated that it felt “tingly”.  Barbara’s stomach was continuing to flip-flop.  Renee stated that she was experiencing tightness in her throat and noted that it only happened on the 3rd floor.  Barbara did emf readings and it was 0.4 to 0.5.  At 8:07 p.m. there was an energy drain on the audio recorder and the batteries need to be changed.  Barbara stated that her flashlight also needed to have the batteries changed after only an hour.  At 8:08 p.m. Charlie’s flashlight started flickering and the battery indicator started flipping from green to red to yellow to orange. repeatedly over a period of time.  Yellow indicates she has 2 hours left on the flashlight battery, red means it’s dead.  This went on for 4 minutes.
At 8:14 p.m. Barbara stated that she felt like someone was humming a tune, almost a lullaby type tune.  Richard found humming during his audio review but it was around 9 p.m. in the guest bedroom on the second floor.   At 8:15 p.m. Charlie’s flashlight started flashing the battery indicator lights again.  The emf readings went from zero to .04 to .06 and back to zero.  Barbara’s audio recorder battery light also started flickering at the same time.  At 8:18 p.m. Barbara stated that her stomach was better – “poof it’s gone”.  A few seconds after Barbara’s stomach felt better Charlie and Renee saw a flash of light behind me.   No apparent cause for the flash.
At 8:23 p.m Barbara was getting orb photo’s on the 3rd floor, the side of the room towards Roxie street while at the same time the emf meter was fluctuating from zero to 0.4 to .07 and back to zero.  At the same time the temperature was rising from a base of 69.5 to 72.3.  Several people stated that they smelled the smell of ozone that came and went quickly.  At the same time the commercial infrared light started to malfunction, the case was too hot to pick up.  The infrared light was then unplugged.    The base temperature went back down to 69.5. 
At 8:27 p.m. (still on the 3rd floor) one of the investigators asked if anyone else could hear yelling from downstairs or outside.  At the same time the temperature started to raise back up to 71.3 and the emf meter went up to 1.7.   No yelling is heard on my audio at the time.   Someone stated that a cold draft just came across their hands.
At 8:53 p.m. End of Science Investigation.
Residential Investigations
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Spiritual Investigation-
Team Members: Morgana Starr, Medium, Tim Tedana, Nick Perkins
Report by:  Nick Perkins

6:30 pm- The Spiritual Team arrived at the King House and met the current house owners who gave the team a tour of the house. The owners told the team they had moved into the house on Halloween, October 31st 2010. Since that time numerous paranormal events have occurred.  Since the last visit by FPRF the activity had increased.  Therefore they had requested a second team sent in for assistance. The owners briefed the current team on some of the following events.
One event occurring in the last few weeks was that of a relative who stayed in the widow’s peak or 3rd floor bedroom. Apparently he awoke to a lady at the foot of his bed in a long flowing gown. Also another visitor remarked to hearing children’s laughter coming from upstairs (the same room.) One of the main concerns of the new owners was the well-being of their teenage son who has been very frightened since moving in to their new house.
Matt, a friend of the family talked about the old driftwood bed which came with the house. The bed had been in the room he stayed in and one night crashed with a loud bang on the floor for no apparent reason. Matt felt fairly certain there was paranormal activity which may have caused this. Nick Perkins science team member did sleep in the bed that night with no occurrences.  
The grandson was not present during the investigation. Shortly after arriving the new owners notified members of the FPRF team that they would be going out for the evening and that the team had the house to themselves to conduct the spiritual visit.
7:18 pm- The team settled in with equipment and belongings (it was an overnight stay). They began their psychic work in the owner’s teenage grandson’s bedroom.  Hereafter this room is referred to as the dragon room, due to a glow-in-the-dark painting of a dragon around the doorframe leading to the outside porch on the 2nd floor. 
Nick filmed video of the work in this room with a nightshot camera. Morgana sat on the bed after noting the presence of a dark non-human spirit in a state of extreme rage.   Immediately Morgana channeled its presence and it wanted to know why we were there.  Morgana mentioned that this spirit was very angry. EMF spiked from .4 baseline to 2.7 immediately.  Morgana asked if the owners of the house had left because the spirit seemed verly dark in nature and the family was still slightly shaken from witnessing a channeling medium during the last visit.  Immediately upon being channeled the spirit began to curse and wondered what we were doing.   
Almost as suddenly as it appeared, that particular dark spirit retreated and another quickly surfaced. This one was an angry young man who stated he was mistaken for dead, wrapped in a blanket and burned.  Tim asked the spirits name and spirit replied his name was Jorge’ or Georgie and French in descent. The spirit claimed he was in the house to pay people back for his misfortune. He was angry for being burned alive and wanted retribution for this act. The spirit said that while many people in his time became ill he remained alive but was mistaken for being dead.  
Tim asked the spirit when the spirit had arrived and the spirit through Morgana said during the settler trade time. Tim asked how he arrived and the spirit said by boat and that his reasons to get on the boat was to be free and that he was a child at that time. Tim asked when the spirit had died and he said in his 20’s in and around the 1800s. Tim asked if the spirit was happy and he cursed that he was not.
Tim told the spirit that it was now 200 years later and wondered if the spirit was aware. The spirit was in denial that he was in another time now.  Tim then asked the spirit if he was happy and he answered that he was at one time.
 Tim asked Georgie if he remembered his mother and he stated he missed her and he did remember her before he got on the boat.  Tim told Georgie his mother missed him and that she was an angel now and sensed he was not happy. Georgie said he did not see her and wondered where she was. Tim asked him if he saw the light. Georgie said he did but thought it was the fire he died from. Tim asked him to look again and that his mother was in that light and that it was safe.  Georgie went towards the light and his mother.  The spirit Georgie passed on at this point and was gone from the house.
7:59 pm- The spiritual team moved to the top floor or Widows Peak bedroom.  Within a very short time Morgana stated that she was communicating with a female entity.  The female came through Morgana and asked “where did the children go? I was supposed to watch them!”
Tim asked her how many children and she stated “too many 12 or so.” Tim asked the spirit her name and she stated “Claudette.” Tim then asked her age and she said she was 13 years old but old enough to take care of the children. She said the owners had messed up the place and she needed to keep it neat and take care of the children but she kept asking where the children were and where they went.
 Tim asked if she remembered being sick. Claudette stated she remembered being sick for 5 days or so and going to sleep and then waking up.  She said when she woke up the children were gone and it was her job was to watch them. Tim told her the parents had picked the children up while she was asleep.
Tim asked her what her nationality was and she stated she was “brown”. She stated that she did not remember her parents and had always worked.  Tim asked her if she knew God and she stated that God was mean because he would not let her have a mommy or daddy. 
Tim asked about the children she took care of and if any of them were her favorite.  Claudette said she liked Josephine who was 11 years old and used to play with her. She said Josephine treated her like a person.
 It became apparent that Claudette may have been a slave in the area. Tim asked her what year it was and she stated that it was the early 1900’s. Tim asked her if she knew where Josephine was because she wants to play with her now. Claudette says “she does? Where is she?” Tim then told her it was a nice and bright place. Tim said that Josephine has all of the children and took care of them while she was sick.
Tim asked her if she saw the bright light out the window.  Tim said that Josephine was there and Claudette said she did see the light and Josephine. Tim told her to go to her and the children in the direction of the light.
Claudette asked if Tim were coming and he said no but its ok Josephine is waiting. Claudette said she was going towards the light to join Josephine.  Claudette’s spirit left the house at that time. Afterwards Morgana stated that her energy felt so light and cheerful.
8:19 pm - Still up in the top floor bedroom Morgana felt the presence of the spirit of a large dog. Tim asked her to let it jump in her lap.  Morgana stated it was too big for that. Tim asked Morgana to send the dog to the light where Josephine and now Claudette and the children were. Morgana said the dog was going and went towards the light with the kids.  She said the dog was big with long sheep dog like hair. The dog moved towards the light and out of the house.
8:29 pm- The team walked down the stairs towards the living room.  Morgana walking first, turned back to Tim and said, “Don’t walk so close to me, you will step on my dress.” Morgana was wearing dress slacks at the time.  It was obvious she was channeling.  When we entered the living room, Morgana immediately exclaimed “And what are you doing there? He can’t get out of that chair.”
She told Tim that she was channeling a lady that was upset with the man in the chair.  Tim requested that she switch to channel the spirit of the man first, then she could channel the lady later.
 Nick took EMF readings that increased in an area near a chair in the living room where Morgana was saying a spirit was sitting. We later determined the source of the high EMF readings was a floor vent which also emitted a foul odor.
Morgana went to sit in the chair and then channeled a male spirit. The male spirit claimed to have built the house from the ground up. He did not like what people had done to it over the years. He complained about that until Tim complimented him on what as great job he had done in building the house. Tim told him that the people who lived in the house now loved the house because it was so well built. The spirit seemed pleased that the people were taking care of the house.
Tim asked if he had family and the spirit did not want to talk about them. Tim said he wanted to know the story of this spirit. The spirit said his little girl had died at the age of 5 years old. When Tim asked the spirit about his wife, the spirit channeled through Morgana called his wife a “whore.”  The spirit said he was wrongfully accused of causing disease to his daughter which caused her to die. The spirit said he had kicked his wife out.
Tim asked the spirit what country he was from before the house was built. The spirit replied that he was an aristocrat that had all of the possessions he desired. The spirit then said he was Spanish not French or English. 
Tim asked the spirit if he remembered being sick. The spirit claimed his “whore of a wife” had poisoned him.  Tim asked if there was anything the spirit wanted to say and the spirit replied that “I never hurt my daughter.” Tim said that he knew that and then Tim asked again if he remembered when he was sick. Tim then told him that he had passed away from that illness. The spirit then seemed unaware and doubted that he was not still alive.
Tim then told the spirit that he was attached to the house because he loved it so much and was so proud of it. Tim told the spirit that he had passed away like his daughter and that he could be with her now. Tim told the spirit how much his daughter missed him and that she wanted to hold him again. Tim then asked the spirit if he saw the sunshine in the window. He told the spirit that his daughter was in that light. The spirit went to his daughter in the light and thanked Tim for reuniting them. The spirit moved on from the house at that time and into the light.
8:47 pm- The spiritual team moved from the living room to the kitchen.  Morgana picked up the previous female from the living room. She had been injured in the back or from behind.
Morgana commented that she was walking around the kitchen trying to put things back together and cleaning up after dogs with dirty paws. The female spirit said “it needs to look nice for when he gets home.” ‘When is he coming back?” the spirit asked. Tim asked who? The spirit said ‘my husband.”
Tim said that her husband sent him to watch over her until he gets back.  Tim asked the female spirit what kind of man her husband was. She said her husband was American and spoke very proper English.
Tim asked the spirit if she had any servants. She responded that she takes care of the house every day but that he has never been gone this long and that she was worried about him. Tim asked more about her husband.  She said he was tall.  Then she commented that she did not like the way the kitchen was now arranged.
Tim then asked her about her injury and if she was knocked down or what happened to her. She commented that she was walking down the stairs and tripped over something perhaps the dog.  She said she remembered getting hurt falling down the stairs.
Tim asked her if she believed in God and Angels.  She commented she did and that she felt the angels would come from her when she passed on. Tim asked what the angels might look like when they come for her.  She said they would have beautiful white dresses.
Tim then asked her name and she said her name was Elisabeth. Tim said that when she fell down the stairs she really had passed away.  He said that her husband had sent him to come get her for him. He asked Elisabeth to look out the window and look at the bright light.
She wanted Tim to tell her husband she was keeping the house clean for him. Tim told her again to look out the window at the bright light. She laughed and said she saw him. He was waving while wearing that same funny hat and gray suit. Tim asked her to go to him in the light.  He said it was time to go to him. Elisabeth said she was going to go. She went to the light and her husband as her spirit left the house.
9:16 pm- The team moved upstairs to a second time to the dragon room. Morgana did work in order to close what was identified as a Portal in that room (literally, a door in this case).  After she shut it, we all began to walk down stairs. Morgana put her hand on the wall of the stairway and heard some sort of growling to indicate the previous non-human angry spirit.  When she related it to Tim, he indicated that we would have to open the portal for a moment to allow it to leave the house.
We returned to the dragon room and Tim and I  walked through the portal to the outside porch. As Morgana channeled the dark spirit, it let out a loud laugh through her when it saw Tim through the portal. It exclaimed “I see you my brother! Playing both sides of the fence now are we?”  The laughter continued as Tim called for him to join him outside of the house.  Morgana had to pause for a moment as she opened the portal temporarily to let the spirit out. Then she cautiously walked outside while continuing to channel the dark spirit. The portal was closed behind them.
Through her, the spirit simply looked around in amazement.  Tim told the spirit “this is a whole new world out here. Not like the old world.  Here you can be free.”  The spirit said “We can go anywhere now?” Tim answered, “yes, but you can’t go back inside through that portal.”  Morgana turned her head and looked back towards the portal. The spirit replied through her, “I can see that.”  Tim told the spirit that the dark signature it had would be easily spotted by its creators and that it should cloak itself with white light. Tim advised the spirit that if it wanted to remain in the outside realm it needed to have that cloak of white light to wrap itself in. Tim told him he could do this by doing good deeds which would camouflage its energy signature to that of light.  Dark actions would show his true energy signature and be a beacon for those looking to return him back to where he came.   Tim asked the spirit its name. The spirit did not respond but simply laughed. Tim told the spirit to have fun in this new world but to remember about energy signatures.  The dark entity did leave the house, to venture into the night.  In meeting after the session Morgana stated that this entity was very old and strong. It desired evil and harm to come to the female owner of the house.  Morgana stated that the presence was there earlier however she was holding off dealing with it because Kathy the owner was nervous about the last visit by FPRF psychic team and viewing mediums channeling spirits.
Wrap up 10:15 pm- The team met with the current homeowners to give them an update of the progress made.  At that point the only spirit remaining felt by psychic Morgana Starr was that of a young girl who seemed good in nature and harmless.
The next morning in a dream Morgana communicated that even that spirit had left the house.  After some lengthy and interesting conversations about paranormal events and beliefs with the residents, the team retired to their rooms for the night. Morgana commented that the teenage grandson was a very good person and needed the protection that the team brought. Morgana felt confident that the spirit activity should decrease since clearing a number of spirits that remained in the house. The biggest factor was that the portal was closed,  no longer allowing access to wandering spirits.  During the evening the team which slept in separate rooms of the house noted no activity during their sleep in their bedrooms.  In the morning the owners thanked the team for their efforts and the team left the King residence to close this investigation.
** 1 Week follow up 
Kathy Hurst reported that for a few days, everything was quiet and activity had ceased.  Since the portal had been successfully closed, there was no longer an easy access for spirits to enter the dwelling.
However, mid-week the family dog had been outside and began acting very strangely.  It continued to do so after being brought back into the home.   Shortly after this time, the Grandson has reported seeing a “Shadow” from time to time back in the house again.  
Aside from the shadow, no activity had been reported.  It is theorized, that the dark spirit (being of free will) decided to return to the only dwelling it has known (it has been there since the house was built).  Though it could not enter through the portal, it used the body of the dog to re-enter the house.  This entity cannot be sent to the light, for it was never from the light.  Nor does it desire to return to the dark realm from which it came, for it actually desires to be free from that dark realm.  It has had a taste of freedom but chose to return to familiar ‘safe’ territory for it.  
During the two investigations; many, many human souls have been relocated to their rightful shores.  One non-human entity however, remains.

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