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Charles Del Campo      

(Cult Investigator & Author)

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Former Law Enforcement, Military and Intelligence Specialist. Presently a Private Detective and Expert Consultant, Specializing in Missing People, PK-Parental Kidnapping and Paranormal Investigations of a serious nature. Renown International Explorer with multiple Television and Radio appearance covering subjects of Mystical nature and unexplained Paranormal manifestations and Apparitions.
Over 20 years of affiliation to fraternal Metaphysical orders covering Masonry, Scottish Rite, Knight Templars Order, OMCE, Theosophical Society, Agni Yoga, O.T.O., Golden Dawn, Martinist Order, and other Secret Societies. Author of  "Secret Societies Exposed".
Possess advance expertise in Paranormal Research, Scientific Recordings, Field Explorations and Forensic Investigation Techniques providing explanations and Authentication of Psychic Manifestations, Poltergeist, Spirit Flow, Dark Entities, Exorcism, Ufology, and Force Projections.
Undertaken  advance research in Europe with Haunted Castles, Area 51, Los Alamos, Roswell, Arecibo observatory P.R. and Sandia. Endless research in "Haunted Residences" in possession of unexplained sightings, sounds, smells, and spiritual influence. Knowledgeable of all Parapsychology phenomena's dealing with Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Vibroturgy, Levitation, Telepathic, Psychic Perception and Neophysical Energies.

Charles Del Campo            

Secret Societies Exposed

by Charles Del Campo