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In an effort to better understand all aspects of the paranormal, our team members have delved into areas that would seem 'taboo' to many.   While part of our team is devoted to purely to the scientific documentation of phenomena - the other part explores the spiritual part of our world.  Studied views and subjects range from; licensed parapsychologist , spiritualist and mediums, Buddhist philosophies, ouija boards experiments and Wicca rituals to name a few.  In an effort  to better understand and contact that which lies just beyond the veil of our perceptions.  With great perseverance they have learned to use their intuition to contact and interact with that which some call  'paranormal' entities.   Interestingly enough, during these 'contacts' phenomena always seems to register on observable devices; electromagnetic meters, infrared thermometer as well as out of the 'ordinary' images appearing on camera.  The team claims to have made contact with numerous earth bound entities as well as some "non-human" entities and thought forms ,  both of the light and dark influences.  These explorers have a very good grasp of  the type of entities we share our world with.  They continue to have their fair share of meeting 'enlightened' ones, and those who are not of the light.  Their journey has been a remarkable adventure that they would not trade for the world.  Needless to say, they do have their share of 'unseen' visitors who hang around them now.  Trumpets have sounded off in the early morning hours in the middle of the house waking everyone (there are no trumpets in Tim & Monica's house).  They have experienced a strange phenomena - 'banging' on walls, both interior and exterior of their home in the early morning hours .  During one memorable moment, Monica was talking, about a  'grey entity' that they encountered, one she had developed 'issues' with that was in their house.  While voicing her opinions on this entity, an ornamental wall flower burst into flames.  This occurred in front of the president of  Ghost Tracker, a Jacksonville ghost hunting organization, who was visiting them for the weekend.  It took them a while, but they eventually learned how to keep these less than desirable energies, out of the house.  "It doesn't bother us at all anymore" Tim says, "it goes with the territory.  If there are individuals who need help or want some advice on how to deal with these 'energies' that occasionally decide to cohabitate with us, we needed to come to face with - and acknowledge all facets of the spirit world.  There isn't much we haven't encountered in our journey's.  We've been at this study for over 10 years.  You get to know their nature after a while.  We're not here to say as we've so often heard in other groups, that all of these unseen energies are harmless.   Because there not all harmless.  But your in much more danger from your fellow human than even the darkest of spiritual energies.  They work very subtly to meet their goals.  The typical entities we come across however,  are usually just disembodied humans that have not gone on yet for whatever reason.  In their eyes they are still a little child, or someone's father or mother.  They're usually just a little confused."  One of the side affects of this team contacting the unseen, is that  sometimes the 'unseen' tends to follow those who acknowledge it.
"When you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
                                                                                       - Nietzsche