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Jennifer K.      

(Paranormal Investigator)

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I was born and raised in Florida and currently reside in Northeast Florida.  I have always been interested in the paranormal and that interest was renewed while touring St. Augustine.    An author that had been doing a book signing in St. Augustine joined the ghost tour with us and then afterwards took several of us to the various areas in St. Augustine that were in his latest book.   Looking at the pictures from the ghost tour and the private tour there were several of us that had objects in the pictures that we could not explain and others that we were later able to rule out as being natural causes.   However, there were still unexplained anomalies in the pictures.
Knowing that I had taken the pictures myself, that there was not a problem with my camera and that I had not altered the pictures in any way went a long way towards my finally accepting the paranormal as a reality.   Which should not have come as a surprise to me as I had already been visited over the years by the spirits of friends that had passed over but at the time I was only willing to chalk them up to my imagination.  

Since that time I have had the privilege of being invited to different locations to photograph possible paranormal anomalies.   I enjoy this work and especially the aspect of always learning something new while being able to help others.

Jennifer Kavouras