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Lisa Anderson       


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Of course I must make sure you realize, I once scoffed at the same ideals I now know as truth.  Listened but with doubt and disbelief. It took an incredible amount of trust in myself and those I grew close to, that this knowledge was something I'd always possessed deep within my own soul. Once this was set free I would see things as they were, instead of glimpsing the shadows they were hidden by.  Before my part of this journey began, ideals and visions were shared and admired between friends. But there was one consumed by greed, and had forgotten the reasons that had brought them together. The one would then claim these ideals as their own and leave the others for the promise of fame and fortune.  Time moved forward and again those with a vision became one. Realization took hold as they and their supporters marched on. They continued this journey without hatred or malice towards those which sought to destroy the true purpose. Thru trials, great sorrow and tests that would break many a persons will perseverance ruled. The path seemed to be ever changing but yet it was the same, with that which had once begun.  I speak not of riddles but of truths yet unknown to you.  I speak clearly of a purpose, a destiny, a path if you will, a reason. Only if you were meant to follow will you do so.  I knew when I began, I was meant to continue...to learn, to love, to cherish and to open my heart and mind to that which I was meant to learn. Thrill seekers, trophy hunters and those in search of glory need read no further as this will not satisfy your desire nor quench your thirst. Only those sincere, with a silent understanding, hearing unspoken words with love and light guiding the way thru darkness will understand the words I speak. You may now continue your journey here as this path was meant for you to follow. With open arms I welcome you.  Long ago this path had been pre determined, and chosen to be - by only you.
In Love & Light,

 ~Lisa ~