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McFatter Technical High School
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Davie, Florida
Scientific Investigation:  26 Jan 06  -  1:30 -3:30 p.m.
FPRF Members:  Marlene Pardo & Charles Del Campo
Report by:  By Marlene Pardo  
Equipment: Cell Sensor Electro-Magnetic Field Detector, Craftsman Non-Contact infrared thermometer, Panasonic Palmcorder with motion sensor, Sony NiteShot Video Camera,  and a Vivitar Vivicam 3715 Digital Camera.
Preliminary Investigation
Below are the pics from the Investigation at McFatter Tech H.S.  We didn't capture orbs in the areas where student Katy Lopez had, but we did capture orbs in a loft that sits over the studio (#15 & 16) and #41 is an orb on the ladder that leads up to that area.  It was hard to gauge accurate temperatures in this area, because the studio and editing areas have controlled temperatures due to the equipment used.  None of our equipment used for electro magnetic fields were used due to the fact that we knew we would measure too many false readings, again because of the amount of electric wiring and equipment in the rooms.
We didn't feel anything unusual, ! except in a corner of the editing room, where no anomalies were captured.  The interview with the students was informative, and they were cooperative, especially Katy, and assistedd thoroughly with the investigation.  We also had a chance to speak with the teacher, who has worked there for many years. He confirmed the stories Katy had send us previously, and even told of an incident where he was at the school late at night and would hear the metal door between the studio and the editing rooms opening and slamming several times.  This is a heavy door and has a distinctive sound to it.  He told us the school is only about 20 years old, so we would have to research the area, and verify what was there previously.
Another student described how he had once hidden behind some curtains to scare another student, and instead he heard someone pacing up to him behind the curtains (when he knew there was no one else in the studio), and of course the ghost had the last laugh.
Charles Del Campo took several pics with his 35mm which he has to review in order to advise if anomalies were captured with his camera.  The intent of the students, besides being a school assignment for Katy, was to confirm the possibility that there some type of paranormal activity taking place, but they had no wish to stop the haunting, so at this time a psychic intervention is not recommended.
Marlene Pardo