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Morgana Starr

(Psychic ~ Medium)  

Morgana has been following a healing path for most of her life. A child of missionary parents in Africa, she was raised in the Christian Church. From their isolated mission site to the Prime Minister’s home for tea her formative years in Africa were rich and varied. When they returned to America, she went from living at a Church camp to Bible College to marriage and children.   
Not satisfied with the confines of traditional religion, in the 1990’s Morgana began a search to find deeper spiritually in order to enhance her relationship with the Divine. Morgana then received her Reiki training, which reawakened psychic gifts from childhood.   
At this point people whom had passed on began talking to her, as well as she began to receive psychic (prophetic) messages. She remembered the words of Jesus, “These things I do, you too will do and more,” Therefore she dedicated her gifts to the Divine and always kept herself surrounded by the Divine White Light.
So she let go of control and allowed the Divine to take her spiritual gifts to a higher level. She continued taking more intense spiritual training in different modalities, in Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Indiana and California.   
This gives her a diverse background of spirituality to draw upon to help her clients. She has used her gifts to connect many people with their loved ones whom have passed on. Her ability to tune into a person’s totem animal or guardian angel assists her in teaching her clients how to tap into their own power and energy for the betterment of their own health and happiness.  
Anael had been working with Morgana all of her life, though in a subtle, unconscious way. April of 2008, she was living in Indiana, Anael manifested clearly and assisted her to walk away from her last disempowering relationship and most of her belongings and fly to Florida.
She teaches Psychic Development Classes in the Cocoa Beach area of Florida, just an hour and a half southeast of Cassadaga. She also offers personalized classes and session via the internet and the phone.  Morgana is listed in the Best Psychic Directory.
Morgana’s writing credits include publication in Branches and Horizons magazines. She has several Meditation CDs available to help you on your spiritual path.


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