The Nature of Truths & Realities

(By Elizabeth Sturino)

“ Unless they can see and understand how the natural world around us works, they are stuck in the paradigm that what is in front of them, what they can see, what the guy next door says is the truth is, to them, the only truth.”
There are so many different beliefs about what happens when our bodies die. What is the truth? Or rather what are the facts as we know them at this time? Well, I haven’t died yet  or should I say  I can’t recall any deaths I have had, so I do not have the facts based on first person experience in this life. But I do have some experience in the process of dying dealing with the physical, the spiritual and most recently emotional.
Being a strong empath and psychic from early childhood I have had to teach myself to block out others emotions and personal information.  I have taught my self to only get ‘information’ or ‘messages’ if a person asks me too. Otherwise it is too much for me and, well, just rude.  I have had to learn to step away and take an analytical look at certain situations.  But when it comes to the death and dying of someone close it is a different vibration or energy than what we are used to dealing with on a day to day basis. Emotions are hard to step away from. Grief is a tidal wave.  It is not something you can side step. You have to roll with it and come up for air as much as you can, to catch a glimpse of sky and land.
When I worked as a veterinarian technician I would see animals die everyday, sometimes when I was holding them. This taught me to understand the physical process but also to understand the ‘feeling’ in the spiritual sense.  This was a very sad experience for the owners and for me also. But, innately being able to walk with this soul as they left their bodies to the ‘gate’ or ‘veil’, I could with my spirit, still communicate with them and sooth them.  I was able to feel their feelings and ‘see’ the path to the gate.
Being the tried and true cynic that I am, I constantly question myself.  Did I just convince myself that I was doing this as a way to comfort myself and dissipate my grief and lack of control?
Throughout my life I had dreams about people I knew before they died. After they passed I would ‘see’ them and hear them. Often when these people died it was very fast and unexpected. Then about five years ago I met a woman who was dying slowly from cancer.  She was in the last stages but still very alert. She was a lifetime friend of a friend.  I had gone to help my friend as she cared for this woman. She was a spiritual woman, and she and I talked for hours.  She told me about what she was experiencing on a spiritual level.  Again I could ‘feel’ the energy was different. I still could not put a name on it.  I asked her about it and she smiled and said “when people are crossing over slowly they are in, what is referred to in many religions as ‘a state of grace.” She passed very peacefully a few days later.
About two years ago a close friend died, again of cancer.  He was, what we like to refer as an ‘Old Timer’.  He was 92 when he passed. My husband and I went to see him often. Once, after everyone else had left the room he grabbed my hand and said, “You are like me.  If I become afraid or confused, please walk with me when it is time; if I won’t let go.”  I told him I would although I was a little surprised he ‘knew’ this about me. After a few weeks he became very sick and disoriented.  His wife was upset and knew he would not want anyone to see him the state he was in, so she stopped all visitors, including my husband and me. She would come by our home every morning and give us an update, stating how much he was suffering.  I decided to go to him in spirit and see if he wanted me to walk with him. This was not at all like the woman from a few years earlier.  He was so afraid to let go and walk ahead. But when he was able to ‘see’ I was there, he became calm and took my hand and we walked. As we walked he became calmer and stood up straight and began to smile and, well I guess the best way to put it is- he became lighter.  I kept reassuring him it was all okay. We said our goodbyes.  His wife called soon after my walk with him and let us know that he had passed.
This is the path of many names - many cultures call it many things.  It does not mean that we, people who do what I do, don’t feel the loss of a person who has touched our lives.  I was very sad at the loss of my friends. But seeing where they go, feeling what they feel as they go and ‘seeing’ them after they have passed, I have hope and I have strength for when it is my turn to walk that path to the gate.  Most importantly I have hope and strength when another friend or loved one makes their journey.  Truly, what is love but to want the most for another and what could be more then the ability of experiencing eternity?  My sadness is for what I have lost, my celebration is for being a witness to a life well lived and path well traveled.
This is the strength and hope I will have now.  The truth I cultured from my experiences will carry me through.
My husband and I believe that when we pass through the gate, we will be able to feel all of the emotions, feelings – literally “feel” the effect we have had in other’s lives. This is our experience of this life because only when we are able to ‘feel’ the effects of our actions are we able to grow to a new understanding and in effect letting our old perceptions die.
What could cause a spirit to remain earth bound?  When people experience great grief and do not let go, that emotional tie can become an  anchor for the loved to remain.  As well often times souls becomes afraid of the unknown.  Refusing to let go of their former lives which would enable them to walk through that gate of light before them.  Perhaps they are afraid because they have had some transgression in their past that they feel is unforgivable.  Because of what they have been taught to believe in this lifetime, they often are afraid of what may await them on the other side of that gate.  Could we be the creators of not just our lives here on earth, but of our realities after we transition back to spirit?  Designing and creating our own heavens; hells and purgatories.
Truths.  Humans have existed historically for over half a million years.  Throughout that time period, there have existed many beliefs, many ‘Truths’.   Is there only one truth?  If so, then what is that truth?   As embodied souls, we create our own realities through our thoughts and actions.  Not  just for ourselves.  Our actions and beliefs do affect others around us.  Like ripples in a great pond.  Is humankind ready to take personal responsibility in actions within a world we co-create?  Are each of us, ready to take personal responsibility for the inevitable next step to that great gate of  light?  How many truly accept personal responsibility for in the world we live in today?
What kind of beauty will you create today?  How will you treat others who are different than you in appearance and beliefs?  How will you let go of a loved one when that time arrives?  How will you let go, when it is your time to enter that realm beyond the gate?   These are experiences that we will all

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