Haunted Home
Case #55/ Palm Bay  FL,  Home  25 June - 2011
Science Team- Nick Perkins, Rudine Bryant

Science report by:  Nick Perkins

* Original note sent to FPRF by client.
We have been experiencing some rather strange events in our home in Palm Bay, FL.  We have written them off for several months now until it's gotten to the point where we would be just lying to ourselves if we didn't admit there was something going on here that we can't explain.  I've looked at some of your investigations that you have on your
website and think you will be really happy with some of the evidence you can get from here.  Like my Mom told you objects have been moving sometimes thrown our we here strange noises and have heard audible voices that weren't there.  The activity has certainly ramped up since the birth of my son but it's been happening since we've moved in.  I would definitely be interested in seeing what we are dealing with.  I'm concerned that it may be harmful or traumatic for my son and if it is I would certainly like it to be gone.  It seems like the activity is getting more and more "obvious" so anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at your
earliest convenience either through email or you can call XXX-XXX-XXX. Thanks again for your time and  consideration.

6-25-11   8:10 p.m.- 
The science team began their investigation by getting debriefed by the current homeowners, a young couple with an infant son.  Upon arriving the homeowners gave the science team, Nick and Rudine a tour of the house and explanation of events. 
On several occasions the homeowners began noticing items being moved or thrown to different areas of the house. Among the items moved or
tossed were a mop, phonebook, remote control and a decorative fish.
A lot of activity centered on the computer room in which the homeowner had a motion activated webcam which captured numerous recordings
of voices and other events. The homeowner then played us these recordings. The recordings were fairly remarkable and voices heard were consistent with those heard on EVP recordings.  
During one instance where the homeowners were in bed a voice can be heard saying “is anybody there?”  
The homeowners stated that a lot of the unexplained activity occurred after the infant son had been born. Nick questioned the
owners whether they had any family members who had recently passed. The homeowner then stated that both of his grandmothers had passed
away in the same year, approimately three years ago.
In addition to webcam video the homeowner also showed us orb photos taken in the house and displayed photos with his grandfather and new
wife. There was an orb in the center of the photo with a great brightness.  They also mentioned that all of the important photos of his
grandfathers wedding to his new bride were mostly ruined with  some sort of unexplained blurriness. 
Shortly after the tour of the house, Rudine and Nick took EMF readings around the house. Most of the readings did not exceed .1 on the
meter, showing no evidence of paranormal activity.
One wall emitted extremely high EMF readings. We debunked that as coming from the refrigerator as when we turned the thermostat up, the
readings decreased to normal levels.  
At that point the science team was directed outside by the homeowner, as he felt that a section of the back fence had some sort of
paranormal activity occurring. The team was shown a piece of the fence that backed to the canal that had been pulled up 2-3 feet at the top.
We also witnessed cigarette butts on the ground on the outside of the fence within a few feet of the damage to the fence. The
homeowner stated that he had just cut the grass and did not see them previously. 
The science team first took a good number of photos of the house to see if any unusual things would be found when viewed.  The photos were taken throughout the investigation with some interesting results.  
The science team then conducted EVP sessions in the living room and then in the computer room.  Upon analysis no EVP voices were
recorded, however during the session in the computer room a K2 meter was used. Apparent communication was made with a
female entity who seemed to be related to the family. The entity seemed to like the family dog and was also attached to the young infant boy.
While this communication could have been coincidental EMF readings there did seem to be some communicative pattern which suggested
perhaps an intelligent entity.
Residential Investigations
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Palm Bay Spiritual Investigation 11-5-11  

Psychic Team- Psychic Medium Morgana Starr & Tim Tedana
10:00- Tim Tedana and Morgana Starr, the psychic team, arrived promptly at 10 pm. Morgana took a tour of the house and property. Morgana
seemed to focus on the area near the son’s bedroom.
She immediately felt the presence of a female who seemed to be a positive entity. The homeowners began to question Morgana as to who
this entity was. Morgana stated that this female seemed to be a family member who had passed on recently. Tim asked Morgana of the woman’s age.  
Morgana stated the entity said “no, don’t make me leave.”
The entity was scared they would make her leave. “She just loves to hold and play with the baby.”
Morgana then said the baby sees the spirit because she is acting as a babysitter. “I think she is related to you,” indicating the male homeowner.
She then asked if it was possible if it was the homeowner’s grandmother. Both the homeowners then told Morgana that both of his grandmothers had passed away in the last several years.
Morgana asked if the homeowners were ok with the entity remaining in the house.”She doesn’t want to leave. Family is very important to her.”
They said they would be if the baby was safe. ‘She says you can talk to her anytime, she is there,” Morgana assured the homeowners.  
Morgana began to relate that the grandmother was not trapped in the house, but had gone to the light and come back and help with the baby.  
They then asked if it could be his grandfathers first wife who had passed. Morgana seemed to confirm this was who she was in contact with.
The homeowners asked if the entity liked his grandfather’s new wife to which Morgana immediately exclaimed “NO!”  “She’s going behind his back I don’t like that at all.” Morgana stated she was angry about that topic.
The homeowners then asked if she came as cardinals in the backyard. “She doesn’t come in bird form but she sends them. She also communicates with the dog.” 
Morgana then stated that the baby was very safe and there were angels which were also there protecting the baby. Morgana then stated the
grandmother came to her past husband in dreams, but he was not listening or remembering his dreams.
The homeowners asked about the new wife and whether she was a bad influence in the mind of the entity. Morgana stated the new wife was
doing something with paperwork of his and not with good intentions.  
Concluding in the house Tim asked if the grandmother sensed any other entities there. Morgana stated something felt odd that there
possibly was something else in the form of the entity there. She had similar feelings in the King House where she sensed a portal that entities could travel
through. It was suggested by the homeowners that the fence should be investigated outside. 
The psychic team traveled to the backyard where the fence had been disturbed. Morgana did not immediately sense something there but instead
took us to the side of the house where there was a wooded lot very close to the house and fence.
Morgana stated she was sensing some form of elemental with bad intentions. The science team during this time was taking photos of the
backyard in the presence of the psychics and homeowners. 
Morgana related that the elemental spirit seemed unhappy its natural environment was disturbed by the house. It did not like the fence.
The homeowners said that the gate to the fence had been discovered taken off the hinges earlier.
Morgana began to relate to the homeowners ways to appease the elemental spirit with food offerings near that spot in the fence and to
grow vines and plants along the fence line.
Morgana communicated to the elemental that no harm was being sought by the homeowners and that they wanted to exist in peace.
But she stated the energy leaked into the house. Tim noted the power entrance to the house was nearby for the entity to feed off of.
The baby’s room was very near this point of the house possibly explaining the grandmother’s presence in addition to the angels.
Upon further investigation of photos of this investigation some excellent orb shots were captured at the very spot of the
fence line that Morgana sensed elemental entities. Weeks later the homeowner took photos which also contained orbs, at that exact location. They forwarded them on to the science team as evidence.
Then we walked to check the energy on the fence that had been damaged by a hole torn into it. Morgana said the energy here was very
ancient, like an alligator. It appeared to be angry and she trace a line from the fence to the shed in the yard.
She told the homeowners to grow vines in this area also. She communicated with the elemental. She asked the angels to hold a pure energy
to bring peace to the elemental.
In conclusion the grandmother’s spirit was allowed to remain as protection for the young boy. Advice was given by Morgana for
additional ways to keep out the elemental but confirmed that the baby was safe at this time and would remain safe with protection.
2nd Report by Rudine Bryant, FPRF Investigator
Nick and I arrived at the residence at 8:00 PM.  The homeowners took us on a tour of the home and related the experiences they have had since moving into the home about a year and a half ago.  They had a few occurrences of noise and objects being moved when they first came into the home but the activity increased when their now 7-month-old son was born. 
There were multiple events of household objects being loudly moved or thrown, such as a mop which had been left in the kitchen and a phone book placed on the dryer.  A full large bottle of laundry detergent had been moved from a shelf to the top of the washing machine. Placed on a ledge for display and it was moved down to a couch below.  It was found standing on its pedestal in a manner it could not have fallen naturally. 
The homeowners had taken the time to do debunking on their own so they would not be fooled by a naturally occurring event. Nick also tried to do some debunking as we walked through the home.
We were shown some videos that had been recorded by a motion-activated video camera that
happened both when the couple was in the computer room and in the middle of the night 
with no one in the house awake.  The voice recordings were very distinct and well understood.
There was also video evidence of the dog trying to hand his toy to an invisible entity.  The dog  also would suddenly bark at nothing and on one occasion the dog seemed to hide from something that had made the door move and seemed to be entering the room. 
The homeowners also had a lot of digital photos to present which they had taken beginning  with
the birth of their son.  They noticed that when they had taken photos in their home orbs appeared but never
showed at any other location.  When the orbs were magnified for closer inspection some of them seemed to have faces, but more interesting was the outside surface of the orbs.  They seemed to have a small darker
ring around the orb and then there was another ring that seemed to radiate out almost like white flames around the orbs.  Neither Nick nor I had seen that flame effect in other orb pictures we have seen.
The investigation then moved on with Nick and I doing EMF readings throughout the house and back yard.  The readings were universally .1 and .2.  We had 2 exceptions to that.  There was a very high reading that fluctuated as high as 31.0 in the living room.  Debunking,  however showed it to be caused by the refrigerator which was just on the other side of the wall.  Nick asked to have the refrigerator turned off for a minute and the readings dropped to .1. 
There was a reading over 6 near the sliding glass door.  I noticed flood lights on the opposite side of the wall and the readings dropped back to normal when the light was turned off.
Both of us had digital recorders running throughout the entire visit until the psychic team arrived later that night.  When the baseline EMFs had been recorded we then filmed video and took digital pictures for the rest of the evening. I also took some film photos at the end of the night.
We then began EVP work in the rooms that showed the most activity.  While we were in the  computer room the K2 meter was placed on the computer desk and was used to try and  communicate with the entity.  During that activity
the flashing lights seemed to indicate  answers to our questions and to our prompting for more lights to come on.  The entity answered in a positive manner to indicate she was a female family member, a grandmother actually, and      was interested in being there with the baby.  There did seem to be some interference occasionally regarding a second entity but the answers would not tell whether the second one was a male or  female and how long it had been there.
Even though the k2 lights seemed to be responding to our questions we wondered if the meter was being effected by the power from the computer and moved it to the bed.  We had moved the  K2 just minutes before the psychic team arrived and did not have time to test the meter any further.
I found this quite interesting when Morgana was reading of a great-grandmother who was protecting the  child and an elemental that seemed to be lingering on the fringes of the property occassionally making excursions into the computer room to draw energy off of that area.
When Morgana and Tim arrived, we had affirmation of the information we had received earlier.  The grandmother spirit had been moving objects because she just wanted things different from the way the mother did things.  The
homeowners were happy to let this entity stay on the  condition that the baby not be frightened or harmed. 
Morgana suggested ways the family could appease the elemental so it might leave them in peace.
I listened to my digital recorder evidence twice and unfortunately did not detect any noises or voices that were unusual.

* 1 Week follow-up note from the client.
 Hey Tim, there is one thing that I wanted to tell you that I thought you might be interested in and I forgot to yesterday. When we were sitting around the dining room table and I asked Morgana to give me some kind of proof that I was talking to my Grandmother she mentioned two things chickens and lilac. That meant absolutely nothing to me because my Grandmother and I were estranged for several years before her death 3 years ago. I called my mother right after you all left and told her about that and she of course said no Grandma isn't there and I told her that the medium mentioned lilac and chickens and my Mom really started balling. I have no idea how she did it because it's not even anything I knew about but apparently someone did. When my mom was a kid my Grandmother used to buy her chickens because my Mom loved them. That carried through to adulthood and she bought her just about everything you could think of that had a chicken on it. I remember the chicken stuff in the house growing up but had no idea where it all came from. Lilac is my Grandmother's favorite color. She was very specific to call it lilac as well! If anyone ever said purple she would correct them in only a way that she could and say "lilac" I thought that was interesting to say the least and wanted to share it with you. The paperwork and taking money was dead on as well!!!

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