Haunted Home
Case #54/Ocala,  FL,  Home  17 April - 2011
Science Team- Nick Perkins, Elena Finch and Rich Adams

Science report by:  Nick Perkins

*Initial letter received by client (info)
Hi Tim,
My understanding of the history of this house is that the original part of the house was constructed in the late 1920's with additions at various times and
the most recent being added in the 1970's.  We moved in this house in September, 2010 and while installing carpeting in the livingroom prior to moving in, my 3 year old granddaughter asked if she could go play with the "ghost in Uncle Scott's room".  We laughed it off as a 3 year-old's sense of humor. 
 A few weeks later, my daughter in law asked her if she liked Grandma and Grandpa's new house and she said " yes but I don't like the ghost in Uncle Scott's room".  Several weeks later, my son complained to my wife that the night before he had been awakened during the night because he heard his bedroom door open and saw the light from the hallway in his room.  He said he waited, thinking my wife was putting laundry in his room but never saw anyone come in and then the door closed.  He laid back down and as he was starting to doze off, he felt something brushing back and forth across his face as if something such as a cat was jumping across his face only we didn't have cats at the time.  He had a soccer game out of town that day and while we were gone, my oldest son and his wife and my granddaughter came over to wait for everyone to get home to have a barbeque.  They arrived before anyone was home and when my wife got home, my son told her that he had to clean up a mess with broken glass all over the dining room and
complained that the cats had made a mess, not realizing that my daughter had taken both of our cats to her house several weeks before that and that we no
longer had them.  When we looked, my wife found that there were several candle holders moved on the fireplace mantle with one of them having been knocked off but strangely, the items in front of that were not knocked off of the mantle. 
There were several small brass tealight candle holders on the other side of the mantle that had been moved and one of them was turned upside down with the candle still inside of it.  When we tried to knock them over, we found that they are weighted on the bottom and will only stay upside down if you place them that way but if knocked over, they will upright themselves again.  We have a heavy stone resin door stop in the shape of a kitten and a stone resin statue of a dog that sit in  front of one of the windows in the diningroom.  Both were turned in a different direction and placed about 2 feet out away from the window into the middle of the floor. We were never able to determine what caused the large amount of glass which was all over the diningroom since the only thing that was broken was a small votive candle holder and my son described a large amount of glass all over the diningroom which is very large,
approximately a 12x15 foot room with hardwood floors. We do have two dogs which were home at the time but both are old (about 11 and 13 years old) and are large dogs ( 70 and 80 lbs) and would be unable to have jumped up on the mantle.  We also discovered a very large, stained glass hurricane candle holder which was in the fireplace had been laid on it's side, unbroken despite the fact that it was very delicate and would have certainly broken had a dog managed to get into the fireplace and knock it down.  When we first moved into the house, the dogs woke on a regular basis between 3 and 4 am, barking wildly or whining at the door.  When my wife came out and looked around, there was nothing amiss and we assumed that it was
simply that they were getting used to a new house with new sounds and were uneasy with the move.  Several weeks later, my wife and son were home alone, both in the kitchen.  They both heard a voice in the livingroom and thought the television was on but when my son went to look, the television was not on.   I have, on numerous occasions, wakened to feel that something was tugging on my CPAP mask ( a mask that I wear while I sleep because of sleep apnea) and have felt very anxious during the night , as if someone was watching me.  Last week, we returned home to find the same hurricane candle holder , which has been moved to a counter, on it's side and broken.  We have the cats back in the house now and initially assumed that it was one of them which had knocked it over but are now not sure because it is quite heavy and would be difficult for an 8 lb cat to knock over however, this IS a possibility.   We also have a hall light outside my son's bedroom which has been turned on repeatedly in the middle of the night. 
If my wife wakes and goes into the kitchen, she turns it off on a regular basis and had assumed that my son was turning it on when using the restroom and forgetting to turn it off.  When she asked him however, he said that he also frequently wakes and turns that light off, assuming that my wife had turned it
on for some reason and not turned it off. 
I think that I have hit on everything that we have had happen here in the past few months.  I feel as if there is something here as does my wife.  She is not threatened by it and says that it does not bother her and has "talked to it", telling it that she is not afraid, does not plan to move and is fine if it stays but asking it to please not break any more of our things.  
Thank you for considering visiting with us and having a look at our house. 
Looking forward to meeting you! 
Ocala, FL

The Science Team arrived at the house at 6:30, They were given a tour by the owners who described the paranormal activity that had occurred. 
The owners pointed out the doorstops that were positioned on the floor by the fireplace. They related to the team that on various occasions these heavy doorstops were discovered in the center of the room.
The wife also told an account when they were out of the house. They had visitors who arrived  to find glass strewn across the dining and living areas. When the owners returned their company told them of the broken glass (they had already cleaned up the mess). The owners looked around and could not find signs of anything broken.
Other instances included the owner waking up frequently in a panic at 3 am. He would grab his wife awakening her from a deep sleep. He remembered having a feeling of being touched by some unseen entity.
He also had a feeling of being watched while he slept.  
Also their son awoke one night to his door being opened and the hallway light being turned on. As he was half awake he also noticed a dark shadow moving in and then out of his bedroom.
 After a full tour of the house and description of paranormal events, the Science Team did EMF readings on the property. No abnormal readings were recorded inside or outside the house. Low EMF readings were recorded in almost every area except outside underneath a power line which
ran to the house. 
The team then moved inside to begin EVP sessions.  During their first eventful session, the team conducted an EVP session in the main bedroom.  Elena and Rich noted heavy air inside the master bedroom closet.  
At the conclusion of the session, inexplicably a wooden blind fell off a window landing on Elena’s back as she sat in a rocking chair. At first the team
assumed Elena had bumped into the window with the rocking chair. However upon further analysis the rocking chair could not have made contact with either the wall or the window.
The team then moved to the dining room where the majority of the reported paranormal activity occurred. Using a K2 meter the team asked numerous questions during an EVP session and encouraged any presence to light up the meter. On several occasions the K2 meter lit up. 
Audio recordings later picked up electrical interference noises at the precise time that the K2 meter was picking up EMF signals. The K2 meter was at the time positioned in the center of the room on the dining room table away from any electrical devices.  During the investigation the team also recorded words emitted from an Ovelisk device which Elena had brought. The device repeated several words and phrases such as “sorry” “marine” and also repeated the name “Stephen” on several occasions. At one point during an EVP session Nick asked “what is your name?” and promptly “Stephen” was said from the Ovelisk. 
The team conducted EVP sessions also in the son’s bedroom where Rich said he saw a shadow pass in front of the light coming under the door. There was not anyone outside the room.   
On analysis of the physical data after the investigation, several interesting EVP’s were discovered:
1)    Piano music was heard during in the background during the briefing on the history. This was picked up by two separate audio recorders and at the time no piano music was being played.
2)    What sounds like a young female, states “I am playing a game” during part of the recording in one of the bedrooms.
3)    The electrical interference noise occurred twice when the K2 meter began to light up. This noise was not heard at any other time.
Residential Investigations
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Ocala Spiritual Investigation 4-17-11  

Spiritual Team- Psychic Medium Morgana Starr & Tim Tedana
9 pm- The Spiritual Team Intervention Team consisting of Tim Tedana and Psychic/Medium Morgana Starr arrived and immediately toured the house. 
Morgana felt nothing in the back of the house validating the information given by the owners that little occurred in the game room and laundry room
areas. However, she did pick up a gentle energy of a Victorian Lady that wandered the house watching over it and the family.
Morgana felt a negative presence in the son’s room. It was not happy with them being there. They left the room for the time being.
When Morgana entered the dining room she immediately felt a presence.  “Why did they do that?” she said.  She said the presence was female and there was sorrow “it was the death of someone.”  “There is sadness and also anger.” Morgana stated.
The energy seemed to be strong into the adjoining master bedroom, though strongest in the dining room.
Then Morgana sat in the dining room and began to channel the presence.  She cradled her arms as if to hold a baby and rocked her arms back and forth.
Morgana then related that the death involved a small baby of a woman at the age of 24.
Then Tim asked “How long ago was this?” and Morgana replied 18 something before 1800.   “There is also native energy here” Morgana stated.
“How did she die?” Tim replied. 
Morgana then kept clutching her neck “She was shielding her baby. The arrow went through her
Tim then asked if she was Native American and Morgana stated she was not. “They were just trying to make a home here but there is fear of what is out there” and Morgana motioned to the area behind the house.  
“Where was her husband?” Tim asked.
“He left; he wasn’t here when she needed him.” Morgana replied. 
“Was she American or Spanish?”
“I see Spanish dark hair, light complexion.” 
Then Tim asked Morgana to get the spirit to talk through her.
“She wants to know where her husband is.” 
Then Tim asked what her name was.
“Ametrace, trace something….Amma Maria” Morgana replied.
Then Morgana began to channel the spirit. “My husband would go on important business trips and leave me here with just the servants and our baby.  He was needed.”
She began to describe the attack by the Native Indians. “I saw them coming, there were servants around, and I was holding the baby. Why would they do that?” 
Then Tim asked, “Do you miss your baby?” 
Morgana then channeling the spirit replied, “It feels like she is here but she is not.”
Tim then told the spirit “she is here, she is with your husband.”  Tim then asked the spirit to concentrate on her baby, “Can you see her face? Did she used to grab and play with your fingers?”  
Tim then told the spirit to look at the light outside. “There is a light outside, a bright light; they have been waiting for you. It is your time to be happy.”
 The spirit then appeared to pass onto the light before stating that she saw an angel holding a rosary. Tim told the spirit she would take her to her husband and baby.
9:50 pm-   The spiritual team then moved to the son’s bedroom where Morgana previously had picked up on an angry male entity.
“You have no business here this is my land,” Morgana related the spirit’s words.
Tim then asked, “Do you have a family?”
To which the entity channeling through Morgana replied “The white ones took them and killed them.  There needs to be vengeance.”
Tim then told the spirit that now was not the time for vengeance. “Leave these things to the Great Spirit,” Tim stated.
The entity then replied “how do you know the Great Spirit, how do you know these things?” 
Tim replied, “I was once similar to you; many, many moons ago.”  Tim then asked if he saw his family?  “Yes” he replied.  “They call to you to re-join
the circle.”  They will be fine, I will not leave until all the new-comers are dead, I will have my revenge. ” You would abandon your family and tribe for vengeance?  This is not the way. Your family and your tribe need you. “
The spirit at first very angry at these words and the two conversed for a time, initially the native spirit was very distrusting then began to show signs of happiness when he saw his family in the distance (channeling through Morgana’s facial expressions).   Tim then said, “They call to you my friend.  Be at peace now great warrior..I wish you well on your new adventures).  He (she while channeling) smiled at these
words.  At that point the spirit seemed to move on. Morgana upon coming out of her channeling stated that she saw the Native American met with his horse and rode him to the other side where his people waited.
 At this point Morgana and Tim briefed the homeowners on the entities encountered and the progress made moving them to the other side.
Morgana said she was able to see the husband of the lady who was killed, when she channeled her spirit. She had seen him on the other side in the distance holding the baby while waiting for his wife. Curiously except for a full head of hair and it being darker, the lady’s husband and the owner of the house could be twin  brothers.
She also related to them that the spirit of the Victorian Lady was still around. She liked them and the things they had in the house. She watched over them and would move from room to room.  The owners said it was fine for her to stay.
Morgana also told the male owner that his grandfather hung out to give support and love.  He was happy about that information.  The science team briefed the owners on the K2 activity and the wooden blind coming off the wall and also the words the Ovelisk device was emitting.   The investigation concluded with Tim stating that the team would check back with the owners to see if the activity had decreased as a result of the psychic workdone that evening. 
The Science Team definitely felt some sort of a presence of paranormal activity and the evidence caught on audio seemed to verify this in addition to the K2 activity recorded.
- Nick Perkins, FPRF Investigator


Florida Paranormal Research Foundation