Haunted Home
Case #60/Plantation FL,  Home  February 18, 2013
Investigators involved in the case:  Tin Tedana, Morgana Starr & Laila K

Tim and Morgana arrived on location with FPRF Investigator Laila K.   After introductions Morgana did a systematic walkthrough of the house.  Morgana has keyed in on an upstairs bathroom where the spirit was located at this time.   

Tim: Laila.  want to come on up? You can bring the owner.

Laila:  Ok.

Morgana is drawn to go upstairs to the master bedroom and bath.  "I get a real heavy energy that comes right through the area. They didn’t want me to come in to the bathroom. The words I heard were 'it’s a place of death'. I feel blood around here.  Feels like, it didn't really happen here, but the spirit is communicating that something happened to her and she was drawn here to tell you (Pam the home owner) or someone else, like your significant other."

Morgana continued, "I get this sorrow with the spirit, she is calling out for help. She doesn’t understand…”Why no one would help me!”  Feels like a female.  I feel a pain in the stomach…  Lots of anger. She is angry because nobody would hear her and help her."

Tim asked, "Was she from here or followed her (the owner)?"

"Feels like she’s attached to the owner's significant other (Christian).  May I see a picture of him?" Morgana replied.  As Morgana gazed at the picture she began slowly going into trance.   

Pam then stated, "He’ll be here shortly. Can I tell you something?  The other day when I was out, I came home and I saw something had attached itself to me. I was standing here I saw a man walk by that door. My lights have been going off and on in here when I go in to take a shower...only on me. When I meditated on it, I could tell it was a man. He had a girl with him. She was dead later in the tall grass next to a drive way. And it looked like it was in another state. When I Goggled it, it was a case of a girl that was strangled and sexually molested by this man. It matched everything I got."

Morgana interrupted as she was still connecting with the spirit,   “Why didn’t anybody help”  Morgana cried out in a loud voice as she channeled the spirit. Then in a whisper Morgana said "She is looking for her brother."

Tim asked, "How long ago did this happen?"

Morgana was breathing hard,  “Why didn’t somebody hear me?  And stop it?  Why didn’t he stop it?  He should have heard me."

"Do you know what the girls name was?" Tim asked.

Morgana said, "Pregnant.  She was pregnant. She thought she would be safe. She thought he would help her. I feel like it’s another language. Like she spoke another language."

Tim responded, "Ok.  Is it ok if we call her Rona (?)  

"Rona do you know you passed away?" Tim asked.

Morgana (Rona) replied, "I was going to have the baby."  

Tim persisted, "But you know you passed away that day?"

Morgana still channeling the spirit (Rona), “Something happened bad, I couldn’t breathe."

"Rona focus on my voice. Now you know you passed away that day," Tim continued.

Morgana (Rona) asked,  "What happened to my baby?"

Tim answered, "Your baby went back to heaven. OK, that was over 30 yrs ago."

"Why didn’t anybody stop it?" Morgana cried out.

Tim calmly replied, "That happens in life. Rona, you have a little soul in that baby. Now that child, has already gone on back to what we will call heaven for now. Its waiting for you both to start another life and do this again but this time be born."

Rona asked, "I can have my baby?"  

"Yes", Tim reassured her.

"I don’t want anyone to hurt me anymore," Morgana persisted.

Tim assured her,  "Well you can’t be hurt now. Nothing can hurt you now."

Rona  asked. "What’s it look like in heaven?"

Tim instructed her,  "I want you to look around you, look in your minds eye. You’re in a different place now."  

Rona 's voice seemed fearful,  "It feels very dark."

Tim patiently guided her, "Listen to my voice. I want you to look around for a little speck of light. Think about it. Look all around the shadows."

 "I don’t see one," came the reply.

Tim asked, "Can you imagine what the light looks like. Rona, imagine the light. Look to the light. It’s dark. There’s lights right behind you. The good thing is your child is in the light. So you need to look for the light."

For a moment the spirit seemed hopeful.  "Maybe it’s there?"

"Yes," Tim encouraged.

Fear overtook her again. "Don’t let him hurt me!"

"I need you to look for the light," was Tim's calm reply. "No one can hurt you, not any more. Can you imagine the light?"

Morgana (Rona) shook her head, "I see dark."

Patiently Tim persisted. "Keep looking, remember what light looks like?  It’s bright. Starts out like a sparkle. Look out in the darkness and look for little stars. Very dim but it will get brighter. Are you looking? Because it’s been waiting for you to see it for a long time. Your child's in that sparkle and its been calling to you. Very soft, twinkling very lightly. Do you see a twinkle? Look in the dark."

Hope filled Rona 's voice, "I see colors."

"Focus on the colors, get closer to them," instructs Tim. "You move very quickly there. Do you feel warmth coming from it?"

"I see different colors."

Tim encourages, "Follow the colors. Gaze on the colors. Your child's in there. Look in there."

Excitement begins to fill Rona 's voice, "I see her! She’s there!"

"I want you to reach in and take her hand. That way she can come get you. Can you hold your child?" Tim asks.

Rona answers,  "I am trying."

Tim says, "Check in with yourself, see you have no pain. That life has past. It’s over."

Rona asks confused, "No more pain?"

"Your futures is in that light with that child. Your child’s going to take you to your new world actually," Tim tells Morgana (Rona).  

"New world?"

"New world," he assures her. "It is a place where both of you can be happy. No worries no pains. See a hand? I need you to reach for her hand. Reach for her hand. Let that light cover both of you. Take her hand."  

Rona persists, "What about my brother?"

"Just take the child’s hand."

" What’s going to happen to my brother?" Rona asks.

" All will be revealed to you once you get in that light," Tim states.

" Will he be ok?"

Tim continues, "Everything’s going to make sense."

"Ok," finally comes the answer from Morgana (Rona).

"Take the baby. Let this world go. Last life …time to let it go. Take the child. Tell them we said hello over there," Tim says.  

For a while Morgana breathes deeply. Then asks for a Kleenex as her face is covered in the tears from Rona.

Morgana tells them the spirit moved to heaven with her child.

Tim asked Morgana to give the owners advice on shielding this house. They went downstairs to sit around kitchen table to discuss the case and how to protect themselves from future haunting.

Morgana explained what she saw while channeling Rona.  "It was like she was being pulled back here. I think there was a connection between her and Christian. He felt familiar to her. And you (owner) were able to see because you have a very kind and gentle spirit. Christian, you have a very protective energy…she was drawn to that type of energy since it was like her brother. She didn’t want to leave the house and that’s why she couldn’t figure out what was happening. It was almost like it was being looped over that she was being killed again out there. She didn’t understand why you didn’t stop it. When Tim said there was a new world that’s what took her into all the different colors, so she went."

 Then to the Rita she said, "It is important to learn to protect your house, you are a medium..."
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