Paranormal investigations & God

(By T. Tedana)

As the Director and Webmaster for the Florida Paranormal Research Foundation, I  receive feedback and e-mails from all segments of society on a fairly regular basis.  Responses from those who admire what we attempt  to do;  those who are simply curious, as well as those that are outright angry for what our 'calling' in life is.   I do attempt to answer all e-mails  personally.  I have noted, that our  main discord comes from those that label us as evil and occult, because they do not understand, nor do they have any desire to understand, what we are and what we do.   Many seem indignant, asking if  I even believe in 'God'?

I actually do believe in God, It is why we do what we do.  It is in 'Gods' service that we help both embodied and disembodied souls.   'Christ' was a great teacher and did an excellent job of living what he preached.  No one was ever stoned; or executed, or banished from his presence for not living up to an ideal standard.  He never demanded people bow down before him or fall to their knees as  he walked past.  He essentially taught 'humanity first'.   Compassion and love over ideals.  Seems many simply just do not get that straightforward message.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,  Love your enemies.. his life was the greatest example of service to human kind, his last words "father forgive them, for they know not what they do," the epitome of his love for human kind.   He was a great embodied master guide.  Unfortunately, many used his life as a method to further their own control of people (Inquisitions lasted almost a thousand years) after he was gone.  

When we intervene, we usually do manage to send these souls that are trapped in misery to 'the light'.  That light is God, known through the ages by many names and images.  Recorded in history as both male, and female.  That energy however, that is known as 'God' does not, and has not - changed through time.. only civilizations and dogma associated with their versions of God changed as time went on.  "Love all, serve all".. that is his message to us.  That is what we try to do as well.  Take for example, the residential investigation & interventions in Live Oak, FL  that our team was honored to assist in.   It was a success, an intervention took place.  Our team drove 2 hours to get there, spend 3 on the premise, and 2 hours to get back so they could spend  time with their families before beginning another work week.  It was all done at no expense to the home owner. We absorb all expenses.  This is our contribution to 'God' and to humanity.  Many home owners are very surprised when they discover, there is no charge for our service.  We do not ask, nor will any spirit retrieval hinge on a persons ability to pay us for what we do.  I personally myself, this year alone have invested $800.00 just to keep us existing as an organization.  Web site fees, monthly advertisements in magazines, I.D. badges, business cards..etc.  That is my contribution to the cause, to enable us to aid souls .. like us in distress.  All team members, contribute their time and expertise as they can to help.  That is what FPRF is about.  Helping.  If all mankind would simply put humanity first, over ideals and profits.. as all the great embodied master guides throughout history have themselves tried to set examples for,  the world would be a much better place.  We are all children of God.  Many forget that and act as if simply attending church service on Sundays makes them more righteous.  All our actions in our lives should always reflect  what we are on a 24/7 basis.   We all have a great heritage we should be proud of.  We are all 'Gods' children.
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Tim Tedana

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation