Florida Paranormal Research Foundation


~ Promotional Items ~

Foundation members!  Florida Paranormal Research Foundation License (FPRF) Plates are now available.  The items are made by:  Custom Engraving Company/ Melbourne Mall/Melbourne,  Florida.  Cost $30.00 each
The plates can be obtained several ways:
1.  If you live in the Melbourne Florida area.  Visit the company directly.  They are located within the Melbourne Mall on New Haven Ave.  The template has already been created and is loaded in their computer system, only takes  about 30 minutes to create them.  If you contact them either in person or through e-mail tell them you would like an item created specifically for our group.  It  has already been created and is stored  in their computer system.  Item reference is:  FPRF.cdr Workfiles
2.  Let me know (your webmaster), that you would like one and I will obtain one for you from them for the price stated above (we make no profit on these).
3.  e-mail:  http://www.autoplates.com/contact.htm   (they charge more for some reason on line - $35.00)
They are very distinctive and come with a clear plate that goes in front of the custom plate to protect the finish.
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