Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

All investigations are conducted in a professional manner.
Smoking of any products during investigations is prohibited.
No alcohol before, during or after an investigation when remaining on site.
Posted property respected , we do not trespass.
No photographs are taken during adverse weather conditions.
Adverse weather conditions included; rain, mist, fog, snow, windy/dusty conditions.
No photos taken from moving vehicles on dusty roads.
No  photos in dusty environments.
Dust, spots, and fingerprints are removed from camera lens.
Shooting into the Sun is avoided to minimize resulting lens flare.
Shooting with flash at reflective or shiny surfaces is also avoided, it compromises the result.
All foreign objects are removed away from the lens of the camera.
Reverence and respect is always displayed in cemeteries, battlefields, historical sites etc.
Use of fresh audio tapes for EVP recordings.
Comparing of anomalous digital vs. prints with negatives for confirmation.
Flash ranges are optimized for 9-12 feet, cameras are focused on that approximate range.
Team mediums, psychics, and spiritual/occult researcher's conclusions are utilized only   when
requested after scientific evidence of paranormal energies is verified and/or  requested by the client.
All team members must be at least 18 years of age.

FPRF dress code is mandated for private residential investigations - casual office wear with FPRF Badges.
Respectful open minded attitudes are always displayed during investigations.
All evidence submitted during investigations becomes the property of Florida Paranormal Research Foundation for use on the FPRF group web site.  Credit for obtained evidence will always be given to the person responsible.  In the event of personnel changes, FPRF reserves the right to maintain any evidence/work obtained by individuals while working for this organization.  This includes the name of the individual, investigation reports, video and EVP recordings, etc. to be used on the group site as deemed appropriate for case evidence, reference and historical documentation and continuity.
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