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The Moon River Brewing Co.
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The Plantation Inn
Southern Ghosts Workshop
Location:  Moon River Company & Plantation Inn, Savannah GA
Background Info by:  Tim Tedana

FPRF was contacted by a local ghost research group to provide a guest speaker and psychic to a workshop they were conducting in
Savannah GA.   I asked one of our most successful intervention psychics, Dianne Frazier if she would represent FPRF at their event.  As
the true professional she is, she agreed.
Report by: Dianne Frazier, FPRF Team Psychic
Upon arriving Saturday, after meeting jack, we went up to my room-411-where we were immediately greeted by children spirits-two girls-who delivered through me a message to jack, and also there was a gentleman in spirit who worked there many years ago, who would later appear stronger in his place of residence-another floor. we moved on to a high up conference room where a lady spirit had me look down at a pink building, one that she felt had a relationship to the  inn we were staying at. later found to be built by the same gentleman) as soon as we entered a dining area-a female spirit-one who had been a hostess there in the past-touched my arm, turning it freezing cold to the touch-as jack and Shannon noted. proceeding to another floor noted for activity, I felt an unsettling dizzy area-a vortex of energy-backed up by our EMF-that turned out to be the presence of the concierge employee spirit, who expressed to me a disregard for the imperfections more of a difference in style of his current counterpart-Randall) of how his job was being handled  in the modern era. later Randall expressed to the group the extreme uneasiness of that exact hallway, and a feeling of being watched supervised by a spirit really). Randall also spoke of the children spirits that many guests spoke of..giggling, especially in room 411.later that night, we left the  inn, to do an investigation at the haunted restaurant that we had eaten at. after waiting for the investigators to finish their sweep of the place, I tried to rouse my now drowsy self up to lead the group through a psychic walk through of every floor. I was drawn to the bottom-kitchen area first, noting a stairway somewhat hidden off to the side-that I 'saw' a spirit, after being shot ran up to and tried to make his way out of the door into the street to escape-unsuccessfully. we later had a group record the noises-hearing someone run up the stairs and slam the door, about 3am-while closed to the public-only investigators were inside). being pulled upstairs, I felt a much lighter and more sultry environment near the second floor windows-a most certain illegal activity had occurred, most often known as the world's oldest profession. walking up the rickety stairs to the upper floors-I felt a sadness, a trapped spirit named Joe who had lost everything and hung himself, and had been languishing there ever since. I spoke with him about crossing over, then I was asked to look at a discovery by a group member, a noose hanging in the attic, where there were no boards to walk on, made out of something that looked plastic, a cry for help from Joe? after returning downstairs, the truth was revealed to our group-how the building had been used as a hotel, gambling and duels, an everyday occurrence, upstairs a brothel, and even as a hospital and slave quarters. an evp was obtained upstairs Joe?) saying he was sad and cold...I have to say in closing that the spirits at the inn were very hospitable, as was the group's organizers, jack and ray-a memorable experience for all who attended.   P.S. - I left out the places names for future investigations to remain untainted.
Dianne Frazier
FPRF Psychic