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Indialantic Beach,  Florida

FPRF Presentation

 4 Nov 2006

FPRF Investigators:  Krista Mattson & Tim Tedana

(Conference Photos by:  Gail Works)
  The Federation of Spiritualist Churches held their annual convention in Indialantic Beach, FL this year (it was held in Maine last year..info).   The Florida Paranormal Research Foundation (FPRF) was asked to participate as one of the guest speakers for the conference.  The convention had over 75 delegates in attendance from spiritualist churches throughout the United States.  This event and subsequent, invitation allowed FPRF to speak to this elite group of individuals and pass on to them what we - as an organization attempt to do.  In addition to covering our view points, we also stressed the importance that all psychics and mediums should be at the forefront of 'Paranormal' Investigations and in particular, soul retrievals.   The realm of spirits belonged to spiritualist and seers, well before the first modern ghost hunters picked up their first EVP's on a tape recorder.  Each and every psychic/medium/spiritualist can make a major positive impact in the existence of both embodied and disembodied souls.  Be the Lighthouses in seas of darkness for all we encounter..   "Love all, serve all".
FPRF representatives at the event were;  Krista Mattson (covering scientific protocols), Tim Tedana (covering spiritual teams and intervention attempts) and Gail Works who aided in setting up the presentation equipment and photographing the event.   The conference was a 2.5 day event taking place from 3 - 5 Nov 2006.  It was our honor to be invited and  we hope all the delegates found it a magical and insightful weekend for all involved.  We at FPRF wish all in attendance safe journeys at home and a very memorable year.  

 Tim Tedana